That Devil Moon

Author: Dana Taylor

Publisher: Echelon Press

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Madeleine Harris is feeling restless and gives in to the call of the moon. Taking a beach quilt made by her departed grandmother, she sets off to the private beach behind her house. While under the moon and communing with nature, she let's go of a great build up of emotion. It is there under the stars that she pours out her heart to the man in the moon. Now it seems that perhaps Mr. Moon is up to a little matchmaking.

Phil Wilcox is having a bad night. As a recovering alcoholic, he knows late nights are not his best time. Factor in a nasty fight with his equally nasty ex-wife, and he's feeling the call of the wild. Or in his case, the call of a bottle. Instead, he remembers an out-of-the-way lake that a friend had told him about, Lake Luna. Phil heads out to take in a spot of fishing, all the while hoping to conquer the growing restlessness.


Instead of the catch of the day, Phil finds a very sad and sobbing woman. Thinking of all the times he dimly remembered hearing the same noise through the locked door of his bedroom after a three day drinking binge, he decides that this time he won't stumble away in a stupor. He decides that he will be there for this woman. Taking her in his arms to comfort her, they are both suddenly overtaken by moon madness.


Maddie can't believe it when she wakes up next to her sensual dream man and finds that he's very much a reality. She panics and runs back to her home, forgetting her grandmother's very distinct quilt. Phil wakes up and find the mystery lady has flown the coop. He takes the pretty blanket as a souvenir of the wonderful night.


Throughout that wonderful night, the two lovers didn't see each other's face. There were one or two intimate indicators that will allow these two star crossed lovers to recognize each other. The question is, with their prickly alter egos (both work at the local school) will they ever get a chance to recreate their one night of love and perhaps make it into forever?


Ms. Taylor's THAT DEVIL MOON is a wonderful book that you will want to read over and over again. Maddie and Phil are two confident and secure adults who happen to, at the same time, fall off kilter for one moment of mad passion. In their reality at school they bicker and argue like an old married couple. Phil can't help but want to shatter Ms. Harris' picture perfect exterior. Maddie can't believe that the muscle bound football coach does everything to needle her, get under her skin and then expects her to be nice to him. With the help of two very unusual entities, these two find each other at every turn. I enjoyed watching them fight their growing attraction and looked forward to the moment when they discovered that the other was the fabulous one night stand that they had indulged in. THAT DEVIL MOON will give you a dose of moon madness and is a very enjoyable read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jodi

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