That Night On Thistle Lane - Swift River Valley, Book 2
By Michele Rioli
Mar 3, 2013 - 11:45:33 PM

Will Phoebe O’Dunn ever find her Prince Charming? In the quaint ole’ town of Knights Bridge, a reserved, beautiful redhead maven named Phoebe O’Dunn lives in close proximity to her three sisters and eccentric mother. After a man left her brokenhearted, she is extremely cautious about getting close to another man again. She is content and very happy with her job as head librarian at the Knights Bridge library. One day, she stumbles upon a hidden room in the attic of the library and finds exquisitely sewn dresses. Who made them? Why are they hidden away in the attic?

Curious and clueless, Phoebe tries to solve the hidden room mystery on her own. A masquerade ball is just days away. Phoebe and her sisters are invited and now the age-old dilemma of what to wear has been solved. Phoebe cleans up the extravagant dresses she discovered. The sisters use wigs, makeup and masks to complete their ensemble. Her sisters look beautiful! They persuade her to go too. Phoebe profusely declines but at the last minute, she changes her mind, not telling anyone. Dressed in an Edwardian gown that she unearthed in the attic room, she includes a wig, makeup and mask just like her sisters' and Phoebe is beautifully transformed. She feels like an actual princess. She just might not be recognized at the ball after all!


Her night at the masquerade ball is an enchanting affair. When an enigmatic, debonair buccaneer invites her to dance, he literally sweeps her off her feet. Phoebe’s breath and emotions catch in her throat. Sparks of magnetism ignite between them, but alas, Phoebe resigns herself to this one night of fun, realizing she will never see him again. Fate throws magic into the air and it delicately swirls down upon the striking couple. Will they meet again?


Noah Kendrick, a billionaire and owner of NAK, a high-tech firm, is invited to attend a masquerade ball with his business partner and life-long friend Dylan MacCaffrey. Grudgingly, Noah decides to attend and is glad he did. There, across the dance floor from him is the woman of his dreams, a real life princess, his princess! Noah whisks her off her feet and whispers sweet nothings in her ear. She melts in his arms and neither of them wants the night to end. Fate steps in though and mucks things up. A mysterious man is hot on the trail of Noah Kendrick. Who is he? What are his intentions?


Romance is dancing in the air in Carla Neggers' captivating second novel in the SWIFT RIVER VALLEY series called THAT NIGHT ON THISTLE LANE. The second novel segues into a hot romance between Olivia’s friend Phoebe and her fiancé Dylan’s friend Noah. When Noah meets Phoebe at a masquerade ball, he thinks his days of wooing women are over, after the mysterious beautiful babe waltzes into his life. There is much more to Phoebe than meets the eye. She is an independent, smart, witty and soulful woman. I loved how Carla Neggers explored Phoebe’s persona, expertly detailing insights into her psyche. Phoebe is very protective of her family and close friends. I would love to have her as my friend! The background on Noah Kendrick is intriguing too. After reading his bio, Noah is one daring, dashing dude! Boy, what I would give to have a handsome man like that wooing me! The romance between Phoebe and Noah is richly played out, sprinkled liberally with interesting secondary characters and a nice mystery on top of it all. THAT NIGHT ON THISTLE LANE is simply divine, bright, fresh and snappy!

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