That Summer
By Dorine Linnen
Aug 26, 2003 - 12:02:00 PM

Anne Foster comes back home to help her mother and purge her childhood love from her heart.  Will she accomplish her goal or will it just bring up the pain and suspicion of the past?

Veterinarian, Anne Foster, comes home for her father’s funeral, taking a leave of absence from her practice to comfort her mother.  She is at a point of her life where the past needs to be faced, once and for all.  Not able to move forward until she gets Liam Wellington out of her system, Anne forces herself to face him.  Spending time with Liam coincides with dredging up the past and dangerous allegations come to the surface again.


How can she help Liam and keep her heart from breaking?  Anne decides to be his friend and comes up with a plan to make him notice her.  She gets wrapped up in the Wellington family and business all over again, making her feelings harder to ignore.


Liam Wellington has a knack for choosing horses with the traits of great racers.  Concentrating on his business of breeding top racehorses, he hardly notices the budding friendship that develops when his friend Annie comes back in town.  With Annie’s father’s death, he lost a trainer, so he convinces Annie to help him.  He never realizes he needs Annie for more than business, until old secrets come to the surface again. 


Liam and Annie rekindle their childhood friendship amidst the racing arena, following Liam’s dream of owning a Triple Crown winning racehorse.  The past as well as the future stand in their way and Liam struggles with the memory of the girl he knew who is now a woman.


For those of you who love animals, especially horses, then THAT SUMMER will give you wonderful detail of the horse racing world.  But, I felt the ending was drawn out and disappointing, and I was left wanting more.  If you enjoy a story about childhood friends reunited, then JOAN WOLF’S book THAT SUMMER will rekindle memories of your own first love

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