That's Amore! Four Complete Novellas of Erotic Romance
By Sarah W
Aug 19, 2004 - 2:41:00 PM

COME FLY WITH ME by Jackie de Martini: After her second husband died, Paige was depressed and in a bit of a rut. Though the trip to
Mexico was supposed to be with her husband, she decides not to waste it and takes her niece Penny with her for a fun time in the sun and sand. She never expects to run into her ex-husband Jeff Palmer. Just seeing Jeff brings back memories of her days spent making love and getting in fights. She remembers why they broke up, but when Jeff invites her to New York again, will she take a chance on him or will Paige go back to her staid life as a school teacher?

HER GUY FRIDAY by Catherine Lundoff: Susan Mathews's new coworker Mark Harrington is very sexy and very available, or so it seems. Though she's unsure of getting involved with a coworker, she can't help the feelings Mark evokes in her and after a few dates, and despite the mixed signals Mark is sending her, they make love. But after a wonderful day spent together, Susan sees a newspaper on Sunday that shows that Mark is anything but available. He's married! Will Mark be able to convince Susan that what she saw wasn't true? Will Susan ever trust Mark again?

BIMINI BLUE by Kathleen Kulig: Melinda is back in Bimini for another diving excursion. She sees Adam York again, her diving student from a year ago, during which time she had been engaged to Dan. Now Dan was gone due to a diving accident and Melinda's business was on the brink of disaster. She doesn't need hotshot Adam getting in her way, but she can't help the attraction between them. When they get stranded on Honeymoon Harbor , the attraction reaches a boiling point and Adam and Melinda are desperate for each other. But will the attraction fade once they are back on Bimini, or will the burgeoning love make them diving partners for life?

THE FRUIT OF HER LABORS by Iris N. Schwartz: Gretchen Collins has just been dumped by her boyfriend of two years. She's sad and depressed, but her new neighbor Frank just keeps catching her eye. She's busy working on a still life of fruit, and it keeps reminding her of Frank. So why does she keep running back to Elliot when he calls? Will she ever get up the nerve to tell Frank how she feels or will her old relationship keep getting in the way?

THAT'S AMORE! is a passion filled book. Each story portrays a new type of relationship, whether just beginning, just ending, or somewhere in between. My personal favorite was BIMINI BLUE because the chemistry between Adam and Melinda was very strong and potent, but each story in this anthology has something to offer. All of the stories are very passion filled with heavy emphasis on eroticism. This was a pleasant read from writers who each had their own distinctive writing style and their own unique looks at love.

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