That's What Friends Are For
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 5, 2007 - 1:11:00 PM

Everyone who knows Sophie believes that she is devastated by her husband’s death in a car wreck. To the outside world, they’d appeared to be a happy couple but nothing could be further than the truth. Sophie and Kevin married after only knowing each other for one week and then the problems started.

Erik had been Kevin’s best friend. He’d been aware of Kevin’s troubles with drugs in the past but didn’t know that he was still using them. He’d been stunned by Kevin’s erratic behavior over the past year and his sudden marriage to Sophie had only been a small part of it. Unfortunately, Erik was so wrapped up in his own attraction to Sophie that he failed to realize exactly what was going on with his friend - until it was too late.

Erik has selflessly supported Sophie through the horrifying nightmare that comes after an unexpected death. He lost his best friend and she lost her husband when Kevin’s excesses resulted in a fatal car wreck. To compound their grief, Raymond, Kevin’s father, blames Sophie for all of his son’s faults and insists that she’s the drug user, not Kevin.

Erik doesn’t believe any of Raymond’s accusations, but he questions if he’s blinded by his own desire for Sophie. He sure better hope that isn’t the case because he’s invited her to use the extra bedroom in his apartment and she accepted. Sophie doesn’t intend to make the move to Erik’s apartment a permanent arrangement. She just needs some time to find a job and then she’ll look for an apartment of her own. She could have stayed at the apartment she’d shared with Kevin but she doesn’t need or want the constant reminder of the dysfunctional life she’d shared with him. What concerns her most about sharing Erik’s apartment is the unbridled attraction she has toward him.

Mary Eason’s THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR is a charming story that will draw readers into the characters lives right from the start. Even though Sophie’s marriage was a disaster she did gain one good thing out of it - Erik’s friendship. Erik is torn between his love for Sophie and feeling like he’s betraying Kevin’s friendship. This tale is full of raw emotions that readers will be able to experience along with the characters.

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