That's What Friends are For

Author: Bridget Midway

Publisher: Liquid Silver

Release Date: December 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Fiona was the head cheerleader in high school. She is regularly judged by her looks instead of her intelligence. Despite her appearance, Fiona had gotten excellent grades and all her internships had been at busy courtrooms. She hasn't been able to obtain the clerk position that she really wants. Fiona's unemployed and living with her best friend since high school, Ned, but she doesn't feel like she's contributing anything, despite Ned's reassurance that she contributes a great deal.

Ned may have brilliant ideas but he's having trouble being noticed at work, even his boss can't seem to get his name right. He has been in love with Fiona since high school. As the requisite school nerd, he knew he'd never have a chance with the head cheerleader, so he became her best friend instead. Having Fiona for a roommate is proving to be a temptation he won't be able to resist.

Ned is bored with his job, has never bothered learning the names of the people he works with, and hates his boss. He has nicknames for each and every one of them including his boss. Because he only refers to the people at work as the description he has for them, Fiona doesn't know the actual names of any of them. Fiona is trying to get a clerk position in Judge Kristoff's court, but she keeps getting blown off with the famous "don't call us, we'll call you" speech. It isn't until Ned and Fiona are rehashing their employment woes for the day that Ned finally refers to his boss by his name, Chunti. Fiona knows that name. Kristoff and Chunti are golfing buddies. Fiona devises a brilliant plan to get both Ned and her the recognition they deserve. Dating and sex. If Fiona and Ned appear to be dating then Chunti will finally take notice of Ned. According to Fiona, any man with a good-looking woman on his arm looks like a winner. Once Ned gets noticed, he can introduce Chunti and Fiona and then she can sweet talk Chunti into writing her a letter of recommendation for Kristoff. The sex, Fiona claims is just like preparing for a job interview. In actuality, that's just an excuse to finally get to have sex with Ned, who Fiona is convinced is far too smart to want someone like her. They do have that agreement to never date and ruin their friendship, but this isn't for real dating either, or is it?

THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR is a fun filled, fast paced look into the lives of these two friends who instead of just telling each other how they feel, use the guise of career advancement and job placement to indulge in their ever growing mutual desire for one another. Bridget Midway does an amazing job capturing the emotional upheaval of going from strictly friends to lovers. I had a wonderful time immersing myself in the characters' personalities and the quirky situations they'd find themselves embroiled in throughout this tale.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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