The Amish Bride of Ice Mountain, Ice Mountain, Book 1
By Diana S
Dec 3, 2014 - 8:00:00 PM

Dr. Jude Lyons, an Englischer, has been living on Ice Mountain with the Amish bishop's consent to study and learn the way of the mountain Amish. The mountain Amish try to live within the Amish ways of life, as well as being true to the Appalachian mountain way of life.

Mary King is a young Amish girl who has been helping the Englischer professor get to know her people and their ways. When caught sharing a kiss with Mary by Mary's brother, Jude and Mary are forced into a marriage by Mary's father and the bishop. Jude decides to keep their marriage a chaste one so they can both go their separate ways after awhile. Since it is about time for Jude to return to his life in Atlanta, Mary will go with him. He decides to show Mary his world before sending her back to the mountain and her people. It is a whole other world out there and Jude's wealthy family doesn't make it easy for Mary. There is only one person who helps her to understand their ways and that is Jude’s grandfather. Jude’s grandparents had been to Ice Mountain once in their young lives. He wants to hear all about her life on the mountain as well.

Jude is writing a book about the mountain Amish on Ice Mountain and when Mary finds and reads some of his writing she decides she needs to go back home. When Jude finds her gone, he is devastated but figures she must not want to be with him. Everything in Jude's life changes after that and he goes into a slump. When he learns that there is a sickness on the mountain that is deadly, he decides to go back to the mountain and find his true love. Jude’s life is changed forever when he finds himself needing the faith he has always shunned while adapting to the Amish ways. He wants to make a life with Mary on Ice Mountain.

This story is one I chose to read that makes me glad I did. When I got to the end, I wanted it to go on and on and never end. Learning about the mountain Amish traditions was so interesting that I wanted to go and live on the mountain myself. I felt like I could become one with these people and be more content with life. I know they don’t have any modern conveniences but what they have in love and family and their faith makes up for all that. Anyone who wants a compelling story that keeps you enthralled until the end and still wanting more should read this book. I will definitely be reading future stories in this series.

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