The Amish Heart of Ice Mountain - Ice Mountain, book 3
By Diana S
Oct 23, 2015 - 7:16:52 PM

Edward King is back from working on an oil rig and gets kicked out of his family home, by his brother Joe for his bad habit of drinking. When a rainstorm comes up and Edward comes out of his stupor, he realizes he has no place to go to get in out of the rain. Edward then remembers the empty cabin where the mountain healer lived before her death. When Edward goes into the cabin, he realizes he is not alone. The woman who Edward had been betrothed to before he left the mountain, Sarah Mast, is living there since she is the new healer for the mountain.

When Sarah finds Edward lying on her kitchen floor, she doesn't feel sorry for him. But when Edward starts shivering and sneezing, Sarah knows she has to help him. After he has taken off his shirt to get warmed up, there is a knock on her door, which turns out to be her father and the bishop. When her father sees Edward with no shirt on, Sarah tells him that as the healer for the mountain she sees a lot of partially undressed men. Do to her father's strong Amish beliefs, he decides Sarah has to marry Edward and the bishop agrees.

Sarah never wanted to marry Edward this way but she hopes things will work out for them as she still loves him. After the ceremony, with the storm still raging outside, Edward collapses into bed to sleep off his drunk. Unfortunately as he sleeps, a giant tree falls on the cabin right on top of him. After taking Edward to the hospital, surgery is done on his face resulting in the loss of his right eye and a scarred face. Not wanting to live as a cripple, Edward becomes very depressed and heads toward his moonshine still to drink profusely. Sarah tries to make him see that she still sees him as a handsome man, but she won't have marital relations with him.

When an engineer for the company that Edward worked for comes to see him, Edward remembers that he wrote to the company, telling them they ought to come check out the mountain for mineral deposits. The people of Ice Mountain's Amish Community are not happy with his doing this and request the bishop to shun Edward. Bishop Umble doesn't think that is necessary and tells people to keep an open mind and listen to the man.

Edward's drinking and bad behavior eventually harms Sarah and he realizes he cares for her more than he's showing. They vow to make a good marriage with love and understanding.

The Amish Heart of Ice Mountain takes you on a spiritual journey of loss and love rekindled. I highly recommend this story to anyone who loves a tale of the Mountain Amish and their compassion to help anyone when they have lost their way, and to give a heaven-sent chance to truly understand the love of one for another. I give this novel 5 Blue Ribbons because Kelly Long's talent makes you yearn to go live on the mountain and learn a simpler life. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.

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