Life, Love & Babies Trilogy - Life, Love and Babies
By Jo
Jan 18, 2016 - 11:45:24 AM

LIFE, LOVE & BABIES TRILOGY - THE BABY ARRANGEMENT/BABY, I'M YOURS/BABY, BE MINE are three contemporary novels that have babies front and center along with parents in many shapes and forms that love them and care for them.  They all have happily ever afters and nice closure even if it doesn't look like it would happen. Who can resist stories with babies in them?  Not me!

Chase's THE BABY ARRANGEMENT is full of twists and turns when a baby ends up being left in Derek's office and he's not sure if it's his or his brother Brian's who loves nothing more than to travel and seek adventure.  When Kayleigh, who works in customer service, takes matters into her own hands to quiet the baby since she doesn't stop crying and everyone in the office can hear her, she's recruited to become the temporary nanny until Derek can figure things out as well as get in touch with his brother. It was interesting to watch Derek slowly learn about Emery and her needs and wants and how he absorbed everything Kayleigh showed him. Of course he still has a business to run and that's when things get a little dicey between he and Kayleigh.  There is an attraction between them that they both try to fight but eventually give in to and all seems right with the world, but is it?

There's family, friends, anxiety, fear, tears, hurts, happiness, laughter, romance and love. The prologue sets the stage with Valentine's Day around the corner and Kayleigh once again wanting nothing to do with the holiday.  The epilogue gives me the closure and happily ever after I was looking for.

BABY, I'M YOURS has single mom Nicole and her toddler daughter, Ellie, front and center along with her best friend Denise and her fiancé, David.  Ellie was the result of a one night stand that Nicole never forgot.  The prologue gives us the background information and fills in a lot of the details.  There are a myriad of wedding plans to get through with Denise as well as with David and his brother, Joshua who is the best man, that she's never met.  When they do meet sparks fly and there's a history between them that makes the story even better.  Watching all the interactions between the characters and the love that is shared is heartwarming.  There are misunderstandings, secrets, desire, love, romance, laughter, hurts, fear, tears and lots of love.  The epilogue gives nice closure and seals the happily ever after.

BABY, BE MINE gives the history between Jake and Olivia especially in the prologue.  He's her brother Mike's best friend plus there's six years between them in age so she was always untouchable.  They have feelings for the other that neither knows about and when they are thrown together to care for his twins that he knew nothing about and are given to him by his ex-fiancé for a lump sum things do get interesting after she stops fighting the inevitable of course.  Watching them keep their distance, get together and then keep their distance once again is heartbreaking.  Olivia teaches Jake what he needs to know to care for his son and daughter and they make a good team at least temporarily.  The interactions between them had their ups and downs and his sometimes callous treatment of her was painful.  When her time is up and she has to leave to go back to her job and her life in LA it was heart-rending for all involved. There is a happily ever after and nice closure along with an epilogue that was heartwarming.

Chase is an author whose books I enjoy.  I have previously read the MONTGOMERY BROTHERS SERIES and the first book in the SHAUGHNESSY BROTHERS SERIES as well as several other books.  I look forward to reading many more of her books and like how some are now reissues in two in one or three in one books.

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