The Bridge to a Better Life - Dare Valley series, book 8
By Dottie
May 23, 2015 - 3:58:37 PM

Two years ago, Natalie Hale lost her best friend. The funeral in the midst of the snow left Natalie freezing and unable to find warmth. Her grief left her without an appetite to the point that she lost fifteen pounds. She could not bear hearing her husband call her honey anymore - something he only started after her friend was diagnosed with cancer. All she wants is for him to leave her alone to grieve. With her mind wrapped in numbness, she refuses to let the emotion out, lest it destroy her. Cleaning is the only thing that makes her feel warm and no matter what her husband does, she knows they are losing the closeness that has always been between them. Blade is desperate to draw her out of the soothing numbness, but she doesn't want to feel the pain. So she decides to leave him.

Now divorced, NFL quarterback Blake Cunningham leaves his pro-football career behind after hearing that Natalie is leaving Denver to take a job as head caterer at the Grand Mountain Hotel, an upscale boutique hotel. Moments after the press conference, Blake lets her know that they aren't finished. But, shortly before the announcement, Blake's brother Adam dies from cardiac issues. Trying to work through his grief and still win his wife back, Blake relocates, purchasing the house next door to Natalie and building a bridge between their properties. For Blake, it represents a bridge to a new life, the one he lost with Natalie. He hopes that all the steps he is taking, including giving up football, will prove to her how much he loves her.

Natalie knows that Blake is going to make another play for her, but she never expected that he would buy the house next door and build a bridge between their properties, complete with the same infinity signs that had been engraved in their wedding bands. While Blake takes major, patient steps to win her back, Natalie is afraid of losing someone again and so she would rather not risk her heart. The fact that she has never addressed her grief only makes matters worse. However, she cannot deny her desire for her ex-husband as the sparks of their mutual desire flare up. Blake's ability to make her laugh and fill her with ecstasy leads her to give him a second chance. But can they overcome the ghosts of their pasts so they can find the happiness together they once had, or is the life they once knew over for good?

A heartwarming tale, THE BRIDGE TO A BETTER LIFE, the eighth book in USA Today bestselling author Ava Miles' DARE VALLEY series, is an emotion-packed, sexy contemporary romance that will leave readers glued to the pages. This is a book that is hard to put down once started. Blake and Natalie deeply love each other, but before they can make a go of their relationship, they will have to get beyond not only the tragedy that triggered their separation, but also some hidden memories that they have never shared. I was quickly caught up in their story, but I also found a great deal of delight in the secondary characters, especially Blake's very loyal team mates.

Despite the heartrending subject matter of this story, there are also light, humorous moments as the story takes readers from laughing to shedding a tear or two. This story is sure to touch the hearts of its readers and I happily recommend it to lovers of romance and great fiction. Heartache, hope, humor, realistic characters, friendship, family, tragedy, divorce, communication, sweet romance and true love infuse this story, giving readers an unforgettable tale. Since reading my first Ava Miles novel, I have become a fan and cannot wait to see what she comes up with next. Why not pick up a copy of THE BRIDGE TO A BETTER LIFE today and discover the world of Ava Miles for yourself!

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