The Cowboy's Little Surprise - The Hitching Post Hotel, book 1
By Dottie
Apr 1, 2015 - 7:48:18 PM

In this series, things did not turn out for Jed the way he thought they would. He figured his family would live in his vicinity during his older years, but they are all spread out. He has lost his oldest son and if the three granddaughters he has are it, then that is fine. But he wants the girls to be happy and to give him great grandchildren. Hearing that Cole Slater is returning to town, Jed figures he will do a little manipulating of his own, starting with his granddaughter Tina, who lives with him along with her young son, Robbie.

At eighteen, Cole Slater was left to raise his younger sister, Layne. To make ends meet, he worked on Garland Ranch for Jed. But when Layne married, Cole left town without even giving notice. Now five years later, his sister is divorcing husband number two and she is left with a young child and one on the way. So Cole returns to town to help her and when Jed offers him a job, Cole accepts. He needs the job and figures this will give him a chance to prove to Jed that he has changed. But he is also aware that one word from Tina could get him kicked off Garland Ranch.

Tina has had a crush on Cole since fourth grade, but he is a player, always with a different girl on his arm. However, he had turned his attention in her direction one wonderful weekend during their high school years. But things had escalated quickly and by the time the weekend was over, so was their time together. As a result, she ended up pregnant, but before she could tell Cole, he left town. Now five years later, he is back and she knows all it will take is one look at her son and Cole will know that he is a father. She has managed to get Cole out of her system during his time away, but with his close proximity, the old feelings are stirred anew.

As Cole tries to put his old image to rest, he discovers that he has a son. Cole also has never forgotten Tina, but he is well aware that she deserves better than him. Still, he is determined to get to know his son. Has he settled down enough that he can have a future with Tina and their son, or will he leave again at his first opportunity?

A heartwarming tale, THE COWBOY'S LITTLE SURPRISE, the latest book by author Barbara White Daille, is a charming contemporary romance with plenty of hometown warmth. Tina and Cole have been vulnerable in the past and each had their way of dealing with it, but they have grown up during their years apart. Perhaps, this is their chance to get it right, or perhaps, they are no longer right for each other. Will little Robbie make a difference in their relationship? There is only one way to find out – pick up a copy and lose yourself in this delightful novel.

I am a huge fan of Barbara White Daille's talent. Her inspiring, feel good novels never disappoint and this sweet, second chance romance is no exception. By the time you finish reading the book, you almost feel as if you know the characters personally since they are so beautifully drawn. This novel is a must read for those who enjoy a satisfying, small town contemporary romance with a western flair, second chances and loads of love. Do yourself a favor and discover the world of Barbara White Daille for yourself!

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