The Deepest Night
By Dottie
Jan 15, 2015 - 4:49:05 PM

Michelle had once owned a B&B with a close friend, but when a fire occurred and certain secrets were unveiled, the two women went their separate ways. Now another friend, Vicky, has just inherited a B&B on the British Isles of Scilly. She has engaged Michelle to spend two weeks there and provide her with consulting advice, in the hopes that Michelle will agree to run it. The inn is closed, but when the local taxi service calls her requesting that she provide a room for one of the island's own, she cannot refuse. However, she never expects the attraction she feels for the disreputable looking man who arrives on her doorstep, nor can she contemplate what the next two weeks will hold.

Needing a break after a difficult mission and to heal from his wound, Ray Powell goes to his favorite island where he spent many summers growing up. Previously, he had sold the B&B to his friend Liam with the agreement that Ray could stay there whenever he was on the island. Expecting to see Liam, Ray is surprised to find a beautiful woman there in his place. Ray is attracted to Michelle, but he is the vice president of a security firm that works with both the military and civilians. Frequently sent off on dangerous missions, he is not ready for anything long lasting.

Although Michelle would love to spend time with Ray, she knows she is not his type. Her two friends have always been the ones to snare the guys, leaving Michelle feeling unwanted. So she is surprised when he asks her to tour the island with him. At first, she believes he might be trying to get his hands on the B&B, but as she gets to know him, she realizes that he has no ulterior motive. As they spend time together and he shows her the sights of Scilly, intimacy ensues. Not normally one to participate in one night stands, Michelle cannot help wondering if she will be left with a broken heart when their time on the island is over. Or will she find the love of a lifetime during their two-week idyllic vacation?

A sweet tale, THE DEEPEST NIGHT, the second book in author Kara Braden's LONGEST NIGHT series, is a deliciously sexy, emotion-packed contemporary romance that will leave readers sighing. It is wonderful to watch as the relationship between Ray and Michelle slowly grows, at first. Neither one is very adept at relationships and stumble a few times along the way, but fortunately, they each have a friend whose advice can help them through the obstacles. The sparks fly as Ray and Michelle discover love and happiness on a gorgeous island.

With attention to detail, humor, interesting characters, self-esteem issues, an exotic location, sensuality and love, Ms. Braden provides readers with a captivating story. This book can be read as a standalone, but if you enjoy it as much as I did, I am sure you will also want to check out the first book in this series entitled THE LONGEST NIGHT.

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