The Guest Cottage
By Diana S
Jul 20, 2015 - 8:45:27 PM

Sophie Anderson is a thirty-six-year-old mother and wife who has her world turned upside down when her husband admits to loving another woman and wanting a divorce. Having received an offer from a college friend to rent a cottage on Nantucket, she takes her two kids and escapes to the island for two months. Unbeknownst to Sophie, another family member has rented the cottage to Trevor Black, a widow with a young son, who is trying to get over the loss of his mother. Neither one of them are willing to give up the cottage and there is plenty of room so they decide to share the cottage together. Sophie and Trevor become friends and settle into sharing of the duties of the house. As their attraction to each other grows, the friends and family that come to visit them throw some complications into the mix.

Sophie has found her love for music again as she finds a music room in the house with a piano. She had given up playing, to become a wife and mother, but realizes she has missed it very much. When Leo, Trevor's son, becomes interested in the piano too, Sophie decides she enjoys teaching the boy to play and may be helping him with the loss of his mother. Over the summer the dynamics of these two families become one and makes it confusing for everyone to know how it will change their lives.

I love this story very much and laughed with the characters as well as crying with them. If you are a fan like I am of Nancy Thayer's books then this story is a must read. She delves into the minds of Sophie and Trevor to bring out all the old hurts and realization of how their lives were not as perfect as they thought they were. Seeing the two come together to make a summer that their kids won't forget is a lesson in love and friendship and the blending together of two families. It is fun to watch all the interactions between complete strangers and turning the pages quickly to get to the end.  I give this novel 5 Blue Ribbons on the Romance Junkies' website because it made me dream about being a part of a family when I have never had the pleasure of that experience. You will enjoy this amazing story by a great author.

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