The Homecoming - Thunder Point series, book 6

Author: Robyn Carr

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: August 26, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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At nineteen, Seth Sileski was on top of the world. He was popular, handsome and about to embark on his career in pro football. But the first thing he bought with his signing bonus was a sporty new car and one night, as he sped along in his dream vehicle, everything came to a crashing halt. Greatly exceeding the speed limit, he hit a car when the other driver fell asleep behind the wheel and went through a stop sign. The other driver will never walk again since his spinal cord was cut. But Seth did not get off scot free. His leg was badly injured, leaving him with a limp and putting an end to his football career. Now, years later, he has come to terms with his life and he has a chance to return to his hometown of Thunder Point as the new deputy. Seth has the chance to prove to his father and others in their town that he has changed from the self-indulgent boy they once knew.

Iris McKinley, a high school counselor, lives next door to Seth's parents and she has loved Seth since she was four-years-old. All through school, she and Seth were best friends. He even confided in her about his girlfriends. Although Iris had feelings for Seth, she never let him know. Then one night after breaking up with his girlfriend, he went out and got drunk. That night, as Iris tried to help him get home, he asked her to the prom. It was also the night that Iris lost her virginity to Seth. However, the next day, Seth had no recollection of the previous evening and he happily made up with his girlfriend. Devastated, Iris refused to speak to him and she has never forgiven him for what he did, nor has she informed him of the events of that evening.

Seth misses the closeness he once had with Iris and seeing her now, he realizes that she is even more beautiful than she was back then. Memories of her have haunted him over the years that he has been gone. Now all he wants is to get his friend back and convince her that he is no longer the boy she once knew. He is a reformed man who wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with her. Will he be able to win her forgiveness and a chance at happy-ever-after with her?

An absorbing tale, THE HOMECOMING, the sixth book in New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr's THUNDER POINT series, is a captivating contemporary romance that is sure to touch the hearts of its readers. Ms. Carr's three dimensional, flawed characters are so lifelike that readers cannot help becoming emotionally invested in their stories. Seth is a much more humble man than he was when he was younger and he has many regrets about his past actions. But it will take patience and persistence to get back in Iris' good graces. Because of her love for him and his subsequent actions in high school, Iris was left disillusioned and heartbroken, so she fears that giving Seth another chance will destroy her this time. Seth's actions after the accident are very heartwarming and quite a step up from the boy he had been before leaving town.

I am a longtime fan of Ms. Carr's work and really enjoyed her VIRGIN RIVER series. Like that series, the THUNDER POINT novels explore a small town and the people who live there, bringing them to life with her three dimensional characters, heartfelt emotions and wonderful gift for storytelling. But take my advice: Before starting this book, carve out enough time to read the entire novel in one sitting because this one is hard to put down. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of THE HOMECOMING. Like the rest of her books, this one is a keeper!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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