The Legacy of Copper Creek - Copper Creek Cowboys, book 3

Author: R.C. Ryan

Publisher: Forever

Release Date: July 8, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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After witnessing something she shouldn't have, Cara Walton barely manages to escape an evil eyed stranger. When he pursues her, she manages to lose him as she escapes into the mountains of Montana. She comes upon a cabin, which seems to be the perfect place to hole up while she decides her next move. With no money, no job, no family, a vindictive ex-boyfriend and now this murderous stranger after her, Cara has no one to turn to and she is afraid to trust anyone, especially the wild-eyed cowboy who barges into the cabin where she is staying. But it doesn't take long for the handsome, hardworking cowboy to melt her defenses as they are forced to share the small cabin while a sudden spring blizzard rages outside.

Whit MacKenzie is used to hard work and loves his family and the Montana ranch where he was raised. His two brothers are deeply in love with their wives, but Whit has no plans for marriage or love anytime soon. But when a sudden snowstorm hits while he's tending the herd, he seeks shelter in one of his family's isolated cabins. Accustomed to spending time there, he knows he will find everything he needs in the well-stocked building. But this time there is something extra. A strange, gorgeous woman has already taken shelter there and is in his bed. This modern day Goldilocks threatens him with a broom, which she claims to be a gun, until Whit gets a look at her and her weapon. The story she tells him seems farfetched, but Whit takes her at her word. His father was recently shot and killed and he and his family are trying to find his killer.

More than anything, Cara wants to trust Whit, but there is a lot he doesn't know about her. Having lost so much already, does she dare risk her heart once more in hopes of finding her happy-ever-after?

A heartwarming tale, the third book in New York Times bestselling author R.C. Ryan's COPPER CREEK COWBOYS series entitled THE LEGACY OF COPPER CREEK is packed with humor, heat and heart. This contemporary western romance will touch your soul and leave you with a smile on your face. Whit and Cara are wonderful together and I love the closeness of his family. Cara has always wanted a family like the MacKenzies, but just as it seems like she is being welcomed into it, she fears that she has brought danger to their doorstep. Whit was not looking for love and in fact, wanted no part of it. But he cannot deny his feelings for Cara and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and stand by her. I loved spending time with the warmhearted MacKenzie family and cannot wait to read more about them, especially the romance that seems to be budding between Whit's mother, Willow, and their longtime foreman, Brady.

I was thrilled to discover this author and her wonderful series. Although this story can be read as a standalone, I am eager to get my hands on the first two books, THE MAVERICK OF COPPER CREEK and THE REBEL OF COPPER CREEK. THE LEGACY OF COPPER CREEK can be read as a standalone novel. Pick up a copy today and check it out for yourself!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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