The Master (The Game Makers, Book 2)
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 28, 2015 - 9:23:44 PM

Maksimilian Sevastyan is a master of all that he touches and as an obscenely wealthy politician/Mafyia boss he fully expects for anyone he comes into contact with to obey him and certainly not openly defy him.  So you can imagine his surprise when the escort he hires for the evening doesn’t act like every other woman has – she’s not impressed by his money and doesn’t even pretend to be interested in more than their one encounter.  It’s a heady experience and ‘Maxim’ wants more – much more.

Catarina Marin is a woman whose life has been dictated by self-imposed rules since her husband’s betrayal sent her fleeing for her life.  One of those rules is to never remain in one place longer than six months and without funds that rule is going to be broken, unfortunately the only way to make a lot of money fast is by filling in for her friend as an escort – she never imagined her ‘date’ would be so intriguing or would make her long to break the rules that have made survival possible for her.


Maxim isn’t at all happy that the woman who arrives isn’t what he’d ordered.  He has a particular type and Catarina is pretty much the exact opposite – which is probably why he’s so captivated by her.  Well, that and the fact that she’s not afraid to tell him off in several languages.  If he’s expecting her to cater to his every whim then he’s in for a surprise because Cat believes that pleasure should be mutual and she is definitely going to enjoy every moment of her defiance – which includes touching the man who purposely insists on a hands off session.


Maxim and Cat are captivated by each other but they have personal issues that make pursuing any sort of relationship practically impossible – and neither of them is even fully considering the possibility.  Cat’s only concerns are getting her college degree and having the money to move on before her husband finds her and Maxim’s focused on maintaining his stoic attitude and not let anyone get to know the real him.   It’s going to be a battle of wills of epic proportions with plenty of insults, endearments, frustration and scorching sex.  Can either of them come out of the situation unscathed and is a happily-ever-after even a remote possibility?


I’m thrilled to confess that I loved Kresley Cole’s THE MASTER and can’t wait to read the other GAME MAKER books.  THE MASTER pushes all the right buttons, the sex is hot and steamy and I loved Maxim and Cat’s interactions, especially during more tense moments, when they’d incorporate their native languages (Russian and Cuban Spanish).  The beginning of the book starts off pretty spicy but then the storyline expands and you begin to get to know the characters and understand their situations and in all honesty they just win you over.  THE MASTER is infused with raw emotion, humor, frustration, friendship, plenty of scorching sex and extremely satisfying comeuppance to a few people who definitely deserved it.   This is definitely a great read I’d recommend to anyone who likes their reading material to be spicy and a little edgy.


So far there is one other title in the GAME MAKERS series but I’m hopeful that there will be another one soon for Maxim’s younger brother, Dmitri, but you can dive into his older brother, Aleksandr’s, story in THE PROFESSIONAL.  After ‘meeting’ him in THE MASTER, I’m extremely curious to know more about him so I’ll certainly be picking up a copy of THE PROFESSIONAL myself.

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