The Moon Tells Secrets

Author: Savanna Welles

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Release Date: March 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: Print

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Raine has been a single Mother raising an 11 year old son, Davey, who is a shape shifter just like his Father, and Raine has finally had enough. Most of Davey's 11 years have been spent running from the skinwalker that is out to kill Raine and Davey. If by some miracle the skinwalker is unsuccessful, Raine fears Davey will turn into something way worse. Naturally, the skinwalker has tracked them yet again and they pack to flee once more.

Before they make it out of town, Raine runs into her cousin at her Aunt's funeral and decides upon spending some time at her cousin's house, which isn't remotely far enough to hide from the skinwalker. At her cousin's house, Raine forms a bond with the widowed neighbor, Cade.

The more time Raine spends with Cade the more she learns of his wife's murder. Raine can't help but acknowledge his wife's murder appears strikingly familiar to her (REDO THIS SENTENCE -it's not finished because a murder can't be striklingly familiar to her). This isn't a coincidence and by the time Raine is ready to run again, Davey isn't. Davey is ready to face this skinwalker once and for all.

THE MOON TELLS SECRETS is filled with danger, amusement and a bit of Romance. You'll breeze right through in one sitting, and you won't be disappointed!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Carol

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