The Name of the Game - A Something New Novel #3
By Jo
Jan 9, 2016 - 3:30:51 PM

THE NAME OF THE GAME was steamy, dirty and sometimes outside of my comfort level.  James Donovan and Gracie Roberts have friends and sometimes family in common.  They are forever snarling at each other whenever they are together but do they really dislike each other that much or is there more going on?  They seem clueless while others seem to think there's a reason they act the way they do.  Sit back and enjoy as we're back in small town, Revival, Illinois and sometimes, big city Chicago!

Dawson's THE NAME OF THE GAME (SOMETHING NEW, BOOK 3), had me laughing, crying and fanning myself since it was a fun-filled steamy read.  It was nice to be reunited with James and his siblings, Maddie, Shane and Evan as well as Gracie and her brother, Sam and friends, Cecilia who is engaged to Shane and Mitch who is married to Maddie.  Gracie and James should have nothing in common since he's a college professor and a health nut who doesn't eat sugar and runs miles to stay in shape while she's a curvy, self-taught baker who bakes in her home bakery to fill orders and craves sweets. They take one step forward and two or three steps back since they have problems communicating because neither has ever been in a relationship.  As they get to know each other they reveal hurts, insecurities and even dreams that they've never told anyone about before but somehow find it great to have these discussions with each other until they don't.  Watching their dating being hidden from family and friends hurts those around them but they have their reasons.

There are a lot of interactions between the characters and the friendship and love is felt throughout.  There are family and friends, businesses, secrets, hurts, fear, tears, fatigue, disagreements, fights, happiness, laughter, romance and lots of loving and love.  There's role playing taken to the extreme at one point and too many descriptions of their loving especially when it's in ear shot of others. There is closure with a happily ever after in the offing but an epilogue would have been the icing on the cake!

Dawson is a fairly new to me author having only read books two and three in this series and I will definitely be reading her other books in the contemporary genre. I still need to read book one in this series, TAKE A CHANCE ON ME, which is Maddie and Mitch's story, and I am looking forward to reading the fourth book in the SOMETHING NEW SERIES, AS GOOD AS NEW, that will be out in April. There was a steamy excerpt from it in the back of this book and it only whet my appetite for more - especially since it's  Evan's story, the youngest Donovan brother and football star!  Of course we'll need to have Sam's story told as well!

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