The One That Got Away
By Jo
Jun 8, 2015 - 11:45:01 PM

THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY was a quick read with quirky characters that held my interest even if I did want to shake some of them a time or two!  Lots of emotions, some tears and lots of laughter along with love - between friends, family and their significant other.

Chase's THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY was filled with friends and family, background information, jobs, businesses, careers, lots of angst, anxiety, anger, hurt, sorrow, sadness, laughter, happiness, parties, romance and love.  There were twists and turns to the story and some surprises along the way. It was interesting to see how hard Sarina worked to build her architecture and design business but her boyfriend of four years, Noah, didn't really want her to succeed figuring that once they were married and had a family she would be a stay at home mom.  Alarms went off in my head a lot when I heard his philosophy of their life together as well as when his parents kicked in their two cents.  It was telling how he and his mom tended to put the cart before the horse when discussing Sarina's future with Noah especially since he was out of the country on business for most of the story. Her stepdad, John, was nothing but supportive and that's where her interest in architecture stemmed from.  I loved their interactions and discussions. Eamon, the one that got away, was down to earth given his money and past and also fun to be around.  They had trouble at times communicating though if it wasn't a discussion concerning his house that she was renovating but he was always supportive of her and loved her eye for details in the renovations, furnishings and finishes.  She always seemed happy around him even if things weren't always kept on a professional level. I liked that he, her roommate Danny and her friend Nicole often called her on things and told it like it was.  It was fun to watch the friendships and cohesiveness of the group and enlightening that Noah never seemed to fit in. The descriptions of the scenery, the houses and businesses were vivid and made me feel that I was there whether in Texas, New Orleans or Virginia.  There was some closure and a happily ever after in the offing and I was glad to see that the story will continue in the next book she's writing.

Chase has a bright future if this is her caliber of writing.  There was an excerpt from the next book in the series that is yet untitled and left me wanting more.  I am glad to see this will be part of a series even if it is unnamed.  I liked the Reader's Guide that not only had some thought provoking questions but a little bit of background regarding her thoughts on writing the book and what a home means.

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