The Opal Legacy

Author: Jane Toombs (writing as Fortune Kelly)

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: January 20, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Lesley pins her hopes of being saved from her bad dreams by the Institute of Parapsychological Research, in the person of Craig Ritter, head of the Institute.  Her hopes are completely dashed by the cynical Ritter, who tells her that what he can't prove scientifically is hokum.  His advice to her is to "go home and get married".

Running from the Institute to her car, she sees that she has a flat tire.  As luck (fate) would have it, she meets Jon Hollister who helps her change the tire and, to thank him, she gives him a ride to the airport.  After the abruptly ended meeting with the skeptical Ritter, she finds that sitting next to Jon is soothing.

He tells Lesley that he is an Aries.  She perks up. He believes in astrology!  Her hopes are dashed just as rapidly when he starts reading his horoscope from the newspaper.  She had been hoping that he knew something about astrology, not just the general information in a newspaper.  He assures her that his mind is open.

He too feels comfortable with Lesley and tells her about his home, Iron Ridge, on Michigan's upper peninsula.  It's a place of peace.  Lesley agrees with him that having a place to come home to and someone to love is to feel at peace.

One day, Craig shows up at her door and wants her to come back to the Institute.  She declines that, but accepts his offer of dinner.

Her own horoscope has told her that she would meet two men, one to be wary of and the other she could depend on.  It didn't mention the third man who followed her from her nursing job, broke into her apartment and tried to rip her clothes off.

A phone call from Jon was enough to distract the intruder so that Lesley could fight him off.  She feels comfortable enough with Jon to accept his offer to drive with him to Mexico. While there, she sees him talking to a stranger who looks familiar.  She can't believe that Jon would be talking to the man who attacked her.

Lesley's dreams continue, but she has come to realize that not all are compelled to come true.  If she is in time to warn people, then there is a chance that the awful endings may be circumvented.  If she is in time, then not everyone she dreams about is certain to die.

The original book was published by Ballantine in 1975.  Although quite recent, it still makes us smile to see that the author has people banging away on typewriters instead of on PC's.  Other than that, Lesley's problems are as real as her emotions.  Samhain Publishing gets a vote of thanks for reprinting the book.  The real author is Jane Toombs, writing under the name of Fortune Kent. The book holds up well.

Books written in the 1970's focused on the mystery.  Who could she trust?  Who was really the bad guy?  And most importantly, what was the meaning of her grandmother's words and the opal?  Read this book to find out the answers to the mysteries and enjoy it.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Myra Gabor

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