The Perfect Man

Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Release Date: September 2, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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THE PERFECT MAN includes three previously published novellas: ONE NIGHT WITH A BILLIONAIRE, TEMPTED BY A COWBOY and SAFE IN HIS ARMS, with additional storyline included according to the front cover.  These are the stories of Melanie, Astrid and Valerie, respectively, best friends since college and how they each meet their perfect man!  This was not what I was expecting as the premise but it worked.  Although each was a stand-alone story there were references to or contact with the other characters and their lives in each one and the epilogue always brought them back together.  I enjoyed all three stories and they were a perfect fit to be published this way. There was nice closure and not one, but three, happily ever afters.

ONE NIGHT WITH A BILLIONAIRE is Melanie and Drew's story  - rancher's daughter meets billionaire from Texas - and is set in Paris.  While they meet under less than ideal circumstances - she was just mugged and he came to her rescue - their chemistry was immediate.  They both felt the zing but neither wanted to act on it since neither believed the other could be feeling the same thing.  With the whirlwind sightseeing tour Drew took Melanie on during the five days she was in Paris I felt I was there with the vivid descriptions of the Louvre, the Seine, Notre Dame, Les Folies Bergere and the Eiffel Tower amongst other tourist spots.  How they spent their nights was steamy. There was laughter, tears, romance and love, family and friends and a fairy tale ending after a special time in Paris.

TEMPTED BY A COWBOY is Astrid and Fletcher's story - wealthy large-animal vet and rancher/horse breeder rich in land and his business but not much money to spare - and is set mainly at his ranch. Once again there's a damsel in distress who needs rescuing.  Astrid's car was submerged in a fast moving river that washed out a wooden bridge she was crossing but managed to fling herself out of the car before it fell.  Unfortunately, she ended up in the river fully clothed and struggling and Fletch was the one to rescue her.  They have a history since she's been the vet for his ranch for the last six months and she knew she had been fighting her attraction but didn't know he had been too until he kissed her just before she left his ranch before her accident.  There was a lot of steam rising off the sheets and lots of romance and love along with mud, some secrets and misunderstandings, mentions of family and friends and their ride into the sunset!

SAFE IN HIS ARMS is Valerie and Adam's story - she's a lawyer at a good firm and he's a divorced billionaire who turned the reins of the family corporation over to his younger brother so he could follow his passion which is ranching and breeding horses along with equine therapy - and is set mainly on his ranch. Adam is providing the therapy Valerie needs after being hurt at a fire that broke out at a concert and her date left her to fend for herself.  Since the psychologist she is seeing is Adam's best friend and he refers his patients, normally veterans suffering from PTSD, to Adam for his equine therapy, Val is sent there too to give it a try.  She's as skittish as horses he needs to break in and their attraction is immediate. They succumb to it pretty quickly and Val begins to have second thoughts of what she's doing.  Adam goes above and beyond to help her rid her fears and their attraction goes off the charts.  There is much loving and romance, the mention of family and friends, fear, denial, tears, hope and happiness along with their happily ever after.

Thompson is a new to me author and I will definitely be looking for more of her romances with alpha males and lots of loving!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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