The Puppy Proposal
By Rebecca Newsom
Oct 22, 2015 - 1:55:25 PM

Jillian Everett is a small town sweetheart, she is as beautiful within as she is on the outside. She has worked hard to become a vet tech and loves caring for all animals. She has had her fair share of hard times, being orphaned at the age of two and changing orphanages every other year, but that has not stopped her from making Paradise Isle her own home and creating her own family network with the townsfolk. The only thing missing for Jillian is love.

Nic Caruso is a big shot millionaire. VP of his family company, he dominates the hotel industry. Nic has a large loving Italian family, but since developing hotels calls for extensive travel he has yet to find a woman to call his wife and a place to call his home.

Worlds collide for Nic and Jillian over one injured mongrel. Nic Caruso finds the neighborhood dog, Murphy roaming, injured on a busy road. Nic's compassion wins over and he brings the dog to Paradise Isle vet clinic where he meets Jillian. Jillian is like no other woman he has ever met but he quickly learns that she is off limits. Jillian is a founding member of the Island Preservation Society and hopes to keep Paradise Isle's historic Sandpiper Hotel open for good, but Nic is in town to make a deal to tear down the hotel and turn the small town Jillian has made her home into a booming tourist hotspot.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Puppy Proposal. I read it in a day and found myself engrossed, unable to put it down. I am from a small lakeside town and could easily relate to Jillian's desire to keep the town from being overrun by tourists. Nic had me shaking my head with his poor attempts at denying that he is in love when his actions where Jillian is concerned scream otherwise. Nic and Jillian are both so genuinely kindhearted that you can't help but fall in love with themyou can only wish you were part of, friendships you'd love to call your own, and a story of star crossed lovers that will have you praying for a fairytale ending. This is a sweet and lighthearted love story and was easy to lose yourself in.

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