The Royal Street Heist
By Gayle
Dec 13, 2014 - 9:33:25 PM

When two Civil War era paintings are stolen from a New Orleans art gallery, the insurance company sends Tollison Cruz to investigate and retrieve the paintings, if possible. With prominent Big Easy owners involved, the theft has strong political undertones. It puts pressure on the police department for a quick resolution and Lead Detective Beau Bissonet isn’t pleased with an outsider messing with his case.

Beau’s even unhappier when he’s forced to work with Tollison as an equal. His animosity doesn’t stop their attraction from growing, until it takes on a decidedly personal slant. As the investigation continues, the pressure to solve the case increases from all sides and Beau discovers the truth about Tollison’s past, nearly destroying the trust they’ve built. Can they work past their anger and hurt and make their relationship work, while catching an art thief?

THE ROYAL STREET HEIST is the newest release by Scotty Cade. I admit it. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book by this multi-published author and I don’t know why. Be assured that I’ll be more attentive to releases by Mr. Cade in the future.

Now on to the review in this well written romantic suspense.  There’s a great deal about this book that I enjoyed, but let’s start with one of the things that impressed me most—and that’s the descriptions. It’s obvious from the vivid details that Mr. Cade did a thorough job with his research. I got a good sense of New Orleans itself, but what really impressed me is the information about Civil War era art and the art world he injected into the story.  It’s just the right amount to make that part of the story come alive without being an information dump. And finally—the story has a smooth pace, good personality development and some well-crafted secondary characters. Good job, Mr. Cade!

Beau and Tollison are an interesting pair—oil and water with a sizzle initially. Watching the development of their spicy relationship is fun and the bantering dialogue with the simmering undertones made me smile. They both have smart mouths, tempers and attitudes, but their attraction can’t be denied, and Mr. Cade does a nice job getting them together. I like these guys as a couple—so different but so alike.

I enjoy trying to figure out who the villain is in every suspense/mystery I read, and THE ROYAL STREET HEIST isn’t any different. There are plenty of twists and turns, and several suspects to keep me guessing right up until the villain is revealed. Best of all, the ending left me with the impression that we’ll be seeing more of Tollison and Beau in future books. I can only hope.

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