The Summer's End - Lowcountry Summer series

Author: Mary Alice Monroe

Publisher: Gallery Books

Release Date: May 19, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Beautiful, balmy breezes, a magnificent summerhouse, fantastic local eateries, convenient access to the beach, what more could you want? In the lives of three half sisters, life doesn’t always deal you a full deck of cards. Carson, Dora and Harper don’t think of themselves as half sisters, more like sisters in every sense of the word. They laugh, party and squabble with each other. Compelled by their affection for their Grandma, they vacation with her at the Muir family house, which is named Sea Breeze. Over the course of the summer, they gradually discover insights into their life and the road each one must take. The breezes waft in magic, revitalizing each and every one of them. What will it reveal?

Family means everything to Carson, Dora and Harper. They are, after all, low country gals at heart. As each of them arrives at the house, which is located on a beautiful island in South Carolina, not only have they brought their luggage but also emotional baggage as well. Their beloved grandma, Mamaw, teaches them endurance and most importantly, bravery. What will each sister learn about herself?

THE SUMMER’S END is truly a celebration of life in the raw. There is heartbreak, inspiration, reunions, transformations, a little romance and circumstances that will break your heart. This is definitely a three-hankie book! I stayed up until three in the morning reading this charming novel. Carson, Harper and Dora, each come to terms with their lives and what is expected of each of them. Some things they can’t change but mostly they learn to cope. This book will teach you to get out of your everyday circumstances and see what the world has to offer. The beautiful setting at Sea Breeze, the family home, is pure perfection! The calming atmosphere and the pure country air naturally restore positive thinking, rejuvenating and relaxing one’s spirit. Hence, each sister unravels the perplexities in life, pausing for reflection and direction. Get ready, sisters, this is the real thing! Ms. Monroe definitely understands the value of family and close relationships. Reading about the fond affection the sisters have for their grandma melted my heart, as I too love my grandma. THE SUMMER’S END is a precious, sparkling novel. The feel-good story of the season!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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