The Wedding Vow (Save the Date #2)
By Jo
Mar 3, 2015 - 5:40:21 PM

THE WEDDING VOW: THE BILLIONAIRE'S DEMAND (SAVE THE DATE#2) has immediate fireworks since spitfire Maddie always wants her way - in life and in her job.  She has a barracuda of a boss who is the mother of her best friend - she even fired her own daughter from her firm!  Enter Adam.  He and Maddie have a past that they have to deal with since they will be working together for the foreseeable future!

Connelly's THE WEDDING VOW took us on a tumultuous ride.  From New York to Italy and Texas there was nonstop action throughout.  One minute Adam and Maddie were in a fierce battle and the next they were burning up the sheets or whatever else was handy.  They were multifaceted characters and it was often hard to get to know them. There were hurts, battle scars, crimes committed, tears, anger, angst, loyalty, family, friends, laughter, happiness, contentment, romance and love on many fronts. It was interesting to see how a billionaire lives and all his possessions and homes.  Adam and Maddie were each hurt by their families when they were young and never seemed to get over it and therefore closed their hearts to all.  They bottled all their emotions inside themselves and didn't want their hurts to be known to others.  Each one was helping tear down the defenses built by them even when they didn't want to.  They learned to love but neither wanted to lose control of their heart and fought it with everything they had.  Dominick and John, child and dog, were a nice addition to the story and made it more real.  Maddie's sister Lucy was wise beyond her years and sometimes seemed to be the big sister with the wisdom she imparted. Dom showed us his resilience over and over again even with the chance of history repeating itself to how his dad was raised.  There was some closure and a happily ever after in the offing but I needed more.  An epilogue or a few more chapters would have been nice.


Connelly is a new to me author and I look forward to reading her other books in the series - THE WEDDING DATE, THE WEDDING FAVOR, THE WEDDING BAND and THE WEDDING GIFT.  There were excerpts from several of the books at the end of this story and it just whet my appetite for more.

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