The Wrong Billionaire's Bed - Billionaire Boys Club, book 3)

Author: Jessica Clare

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: April 7, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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THE WRONG BILLIONAIRE'S BED (THE BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB, BOOK 3) is Reese and Audrey's story but Cade and Daphne are there throughout. Since both Cade and Reese are billionaires, whose bed is the wrong one?

Clare's THE WRONG BILLIONAIRE'S BED was a quick read and took place mainly at Cade's hunting cabin.  Quite rustic, without even a television, the descriptions were vivid enough to make me feel that I was there.  The cold took my breath away especially how often outdoor activities took place and without much in the way of clothing!  While Audrey, the prim and proper assistant to another billionaire, Logan, was crushing on Cade, he thought of her only as a friend since childhood.  He seemed to have eyes only for her twin, Daphne, who was a drug addicted musician that always seemed to need rescuing.  Reese was the playboy billionaire that loved 'em and left 'em.  The interactions between them all was sometimes lacking since none seemed aware of what was going on right under their nose.  Reese and Audrey had a powerful chemistry that almost bordered on hate but they each "got" the other when others never did.  There were family and friends, drugs, tears, anger, fear, sadness, happiness, laughter, loving with burn up the sheet moments, secrets, hurt and a few happily ever afters in the offing.  There was some closure especially with the epilogue.  The excerpt from THE BILLIONAIRE AND THE VIRGIN, the first book in the BILLIONAIRE AND BRIDESMAIDS SERIES just whet my appetite for more since it brings us full circle to Bronte and Logan this time to the approach of their wedding.

This is the third book in the BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB SERIES and I look forward to reading book four, ONCE UPON A BILLIONAIRE, which I somehow missed along the way.  I've already read books one, two, five and six in the series, STRANDED WITH A BILLIONAIRE, BEAUTY AND THE BILLIONAIRE, ROMANCING THE BILLIONAIRE and ONE NIGHT WITH A BILLIONAIRE. I look forward to reading other books Clare's written as well as those by Jill Myles.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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