The One I Want
By Robin Snodgrass
Apr 1, 2008 - 9:03:39 AM

After three broken engagements, British party girl Chloe Flynt has earned a reputation as The Breakup Artist. Chloe may not know much about making a relationship work with Mr. Right, but she does know how to dump Mr. Wrong with dignity. After relocating from London, England to Austin, Texas, Chloe opens a company doing what she does best breaking up bad relationships.  She never expects her handsome landlord Matthew Tanner to make her want to overcome her fear of commitment. Unfortunately, he already has a girlfriend. However, anyone can see that Matthew and Brittany are completely wrong for one another.

Matthew Tanner has never met a woman quite like his new tenant and neighbor Chloe. The secretive woman intrigues him even more than his current girlfriend Brittany. When one of Chloe’s clients delivers an envelope filled with cash to Matt’s house by mistake, he is more interested than ever to find out what kind of business his tenant is actually operating.


One of Chloe’s clients is a therapist who wants to break up with his girlfriend without jeapardizing their work relationship. Another client is her own secretary Stephanie who is trying to dump her fiancé. Throw Matt’s former partner into the mixture along with a few more plot twists and things really heat up. Will Matt ever discover what Chloe is up to? Can he fight the attraction he feels for Chloe when he is already involved with Brittany? Will Chloe make the most of a surprising opportunity when someone unexpected attempts to hire The Breakup Artist?


Nancy Warren’s signature wit clearly shines through in THE ONE I WANT. This entertaining romance has an intriguing plot, clever dialogue, and engaging characters. Chloe is a sassy heroine with a sparkling sense of humor that is illustrated throughout the book. I love her attitude and pizzazz. Matt had my full attention from his first appearance in the story.  He is a strong, sexy, take-charge Texas cowboy–pure Alpha Male. He is exactly what Chloe needs in her life. The road to their romance is filled with bumps, not the least of which is Matt’s girlfriend; but it is a journey that I thoroughly enjoyed taking. Warren always provides readers with a great story and this one is no exception. Trust me when I say, THE ONE I WANT is one that you will want to read again and again.

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