The Spanish Aristocrat's Woman
By Natasha Smith
Feb 15, 2008 - 11:21:54 AM

Attending the society wedding of the second of his best friends to marry, Gui is concerned when he sees his one time lover Elvira and her husband at the reception. For years Elvira has tried to garner the attention Gui once bestowed upon her that ended with her marriage. Gui firmly believes in wedding vows and has thus refused her advances. When in a spiteful moment Elvira cattily vilifies Kara, the woman he is dancing with at the reception, Gui does the only thing he can think of to protect the beautiful woman whom he has just met – he invents an engagement to her.

Kara deMontaine knows what she looks like. Tall and curvy, she knows without a doubt she will never be cover model thin like most women strive to be. It usually doesn’t bother her, but after introducing herself to Count Guillermo she can’t help feeling a fleeting wistfulness for the tiny woman that she will never be. Gui’s attention is flattering even if he doesn’t mean it. When he announces that they are engaged before all at his friend’s wedding reception, Kara is very wary. The fact that he seems to mean it makes her even more cautious. In all honesty, while her brain is cautious, her heart has fallen in love.


I can relate to and sympathize with Kara’s self doubts. Having been viewed her entire life as an anomaly she can’t fathom receiving interest from someone as gorgeous and self aware as Guillermo. I loved watching her evolve as a character. She became self sufficient and, I believe, finally at peace with herself. Gui is my knight in shining armor. He loves Kara and sees nothing that he doesn’t find alluring and beautiful. For that fact alone, I fell in love with him.


I love Katherine Garbera’s novels and have officially placed her on my auto-buy list! Each novel keeps getting better and better and shouldn’t be missed.   THE SPANISH ARISTOCRAT’S WOMAN is such a book. It releases from Silhouette in March.  






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