The Angel Craved Lobster

Author: Shirley Jump

Publisher: Zebra

Release Date: July 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Meredith Shordan lives a dull life in Indiana, and shes more than ready for a change.  Then she learns Rebecca, her pregnant cousin in Boston, needs help.  Meredith immediately packs up and heads out to the great, big city.  Her intentions include caring for her cousin, but she also thinks it's time to become a woman.  She has never had sex before, and Meredith plans on finding a city guy to rid of her that problem.  But, she may get a whole lot more than she ever expected.

Soon Meredith visits a local bar, and here she finds the perfect man to get the job done, Travis Campbell.  There's just one problem:  Travis has sworn off beer and women for thirty days, so he can get his life back in order.  But, Meredith throws him a punch he wasn't expecting.  Can Travis resist Meredith's innocence and beauty and give her the gift she so desires?  Then again, Travis wants her first time to be special and with someone she loves.  Not a heart-hardened man like him.

Meredith is on the verge of getting what she wants.  Then everything starts to unravel when her two brothers, Ray Jr. and Vernon, show up to protect her honor and get her back home to her over-protective mother.  Meredith's mother is a total loony tune when it comes to sickness and protecting her daughter from the germs and disease she thinks is in the big city.  And, it certainly puts a chink in Meredith's plans for change.  Now, she's trying to ward off her family while also trying to get Travis to quit protecting her from herself and take her to bed.

THE ANGEL CRAVED LOBSTER is the third book in Shirley Jump's Romance with Recipes series, and it's one to add your wish list.  With a recipe starting off each chapter, a fun and unique plot, and characters that are both sexy and endearing, THE ANGEL CRAVED LOBSTER certainly fulfills.  The heroine is refreshing, and I enjoyed her life-changing, Boston adventure.  If you've missed the two previous novels in this series, THE BRIDE WORE CHOCOLATE and THE DEVIL SERVED TORTELLINI, then I suggest hunting them up, because you will devour them!  I've loved every book I've read by Shirley Jump.  Her fantastic writing style makes a fast-paced, fun and unforgettable story. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: BJ Deese

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