The Antonakos Marriage
By Sherri Myers
Aug 7, 2006 - 12:05:00 PM

Beautiful Skye Marston has to marry the wealthy millionaire named Cyril Antonakos in order to save her father from going to prison for stealing from him.  Cyril wants an heir for his fortune and the lovely young virgin is perfect for just such a purpose.  Deciding to have one night of passion before she is wed to the elderly tycoon, Skye finds her dream lover in a bar when he rescues her from some drunken rowdies.

‘Anton’ can’t believe the gorgeous woman he knows only as Skye slips so quietly out of his bed and his life after their incredible night together.  Unable to get her out of his mind, he can only dream of some day meeting up again with Skye.  But will that ever happen since he will be leaving London soon and he knows so little about her?


Skye resigns herself to her fate but can’t seem to forget the passionate night she spent in her lover’s arms.  When her soon-to-be stepson arrives on Helikos for the wedding, Skye cannot believe her eyes when he turns out to be none other than her one-night lover, ‘Anton’.  What an uncomfortable situation!


Theo Antonakos isn’t used to being rejected by any woman, and when his lovely lady friend disappeared after their incredible night together, he is rather angry and confused as to why she left without saying goodbye.  When he arrives on Helikos for his estranged father’s wedding, Theo is shocked to discover that his soon-to-be stepmother is the very same woman who haunts his dreams and is causing him so many sleepless nights.  Determined to get her back in his bed and convince her to marry him, Theo sets about trying to win Skye’s heart—only he already has it.  Unable to tell Theo the truth, Skye must pretend she isn’t affected by his attentions to her.  While their hearts yearn for each other, will Skye and Theo be able to resist the temptation and longing to be together, knowing she is to soon be wed to the elder Antonakos instead?


Kate Walker has written her best romance novel yet, in this reviewer’s humble opinion!  I LOVED this story!  I think others do as well since it has been awarded the Best Mills & Boon Modern Romance of 2005 title from the Cataromance Books of the Year Awards.


THE ANTONAKOS MARRIAGE is a novel that will have its readers on the edge of the seat in anticipation of its ending.  Will Skye’s good intentions of helping her father only cause her to lose the only man she’s ever loved?  Will Theo have the will to fight for what he wants?  The passion is intensely sensual, the romance is breathtaking, and the hero and heroine are both tortured with their needs for each other.  Emotions and sexual tension run high, and the intense drama is sure to hold readers’ attention.  I highly recommend this new addition to my keeper shelf to readers of sensual contemporary romance.


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