The Arrangement

Author: Delaney Diamond

Publisher: Amira Press

Release Date: November 12, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Leonardo de Silva is a ruthless business man in a multi-million dollar telecommunications company started by his father.  His competitors fear him more than they respect him, but he is a worthy adversary. Half Brazilian, he spent much of his life in Brazil when he was younger. Work consumes a great deal of his life, making his business prosper, but his home life has suffered.  His wife Alexa left him four months ago.  He is desperate to have her back, but, being the strong silent type, he does not admit to his feelings easily.  Whenever he makes mistakes, he does not dwell on them.  Instead of thinking of his past problems, he figures out ways to correct them in the future. 

Alexa de Silva loves her husband, but he seems to care more for his business than he does for her.  Tired of being alone all the time, while he spent way too many hours at work, she had finally left him several months ago.  She buried herself in her own activities; helping her brother Xander at his bakery and working at Second Chance Closet, a charity she had formed to provide gently used career clothing and formal wear to women.  She had never been interested in her husband’s money.  The only thing she wanted was his time and his love; the two items she feared he would never be able to give her.  She and Xander lost their parents at a young age, so the two of them are very close.


Alexa has been trying to get her brother to hire a business manager.  Xander is a fabulous baker, but he does not have a head for business. Facing major financial problems with his bakery, especially when his loan was called in to be paid in full, Xander asks Alexa to go to her husband and seek his help with the loan. Alexa is shocked and does not want to do it, but she knows it is the only chance Xander has to keep his bakery.


When she goes to Leo’s office and asks him for the loan, he agrees under two conditions.  First, Xander must hire a business manager and secondly, Alexa must return home and resume their marriage in every way, for two months.  Shocked, but knowing she has no other way to help Xander, she agrees.  However, she is not entirely dismayed about returning home, just seeing her husband again has made her desire him all over.


Leo knew that his actions with his wife were underhanded, but he was desperate to get her to return home to him.  He only hopes she never learns the lengths he would go to in order to get her to return to him.  Can he convince her within the next two months that they belong together for a lifetime?


Deliciously titillating, THE ARRANGEMENT is a very sensual and heartwarming contemporary romance that I found impossible to put down until I had finished reading the very last word. Leo and Alexa are deeply in love, but the one thing lacking in their marriage is communication.  Physically, their love life could not be more perfect, but they are unsure of each other’s love as neither one will proclaim it to the other.  Brimming with steamy hot sensuality, believable dialogue, complex and compelling characters, an interesting plot, plenty of love and some surprising plot twists, this book is a winner.  THE ARRANGEMENT is the first book I have read by author Delaney Diamond, but I look forward to reading more of her works.  THE ARRANGEMENT is a terrific read for a lazy afternoon’s escape.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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