The Arrangement
By Lacey
Sep 1, 2008 - 5:34:19 PM

Senator Eric Courtland has a dirty little secret, one that involves both his best friend Nick and his wife Allison.  He has a sexual relationship with both of them and he loves them dearly, but when they find out about each other, this senator’s life is caught in a whirlwind.

After the initial shock of the affair wears off, Eric devises with a plan neither Nick or Allison can refuse. The three of them will become as one, living together, being together and essentially sharing their lives with one another.

Tried and true, the three have their challenges.  Eric’s career in the U.S. Senate requires secrecy in his private life.  With blackmailing politicians, scandalous paparazzi and the fatal illness of a family member, their fragile relationship is pushed to the edge, making them question whether their arrangement is worth the trouble.  Will their love be worth fighting for?

Upon reading THE ARRANGEMENT, I found this isn’t the typical ménage a trios storyline.  Eric, Allison and Nick had previous relationships with each other before the story began which only strengthens their connection.  Cat Grant’s unique writing style gives readers an in depth look at her character’s emotions, making them lifelike and very real.  I enjoyed reading THE ARRANGEMENT and I’m sure you will too.

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