The Art of Desire
By Katie
Jul 1, 2008 - 6:17:14 PM

Mandy may act all prim and proper as the director of the Santa Fe Women’s Art Museum, but underneath it all she is a very sexual woman and allows her passions to run free with her lover, Jared Cabrillo. Jared is the great-grand nephew of Atacar, an Indian outlaw who had an affair with the nineteenth-century artist Catherine Burke. Catherine had traveled from England and landed in Texas. She painted a portrait of Atacar, which lead most to believe they were lovers. Unfortunately, no one knows how their affair ended and what happened to the two. There are rumors of Catherine having a diary, and Mandy wants it. She just has to find it. But for the moment she enjoys sizzling, out of control sex with Jared.

Jared has a long list of past lovers and is quite skilled in the bedroom. But there is something about Mandy, who he thinks of as his dirty girl, who reaches places deep inside no other woman has been able to breach. Mandy has no clue that he is in possession of Catherine’s diary and the secrets they hold. He keeps this a secret from Mandy, not wanting to give away a part of his family. He will continue to seduce and tease Mandy until he tires of her. As their affair becomes more intense, Jared doesn’t know if he can let Mandy go and if he is willing to tell her all, including what is in those pages of Catherine’s diary that make shock all of Texas.

If there is one erotic romance you read this year, it must be THE ART OF DESIRE. Cherie Feather has written an incredible and passionate story that interlaces bother past and present. As we see Jared and Mandy further their relationship, we also see how Catherine and Atacar started theirs with passages from Catherine’s diary. Both set of couples are so much alike and Catherine and Atacar’s love is so tender, emotional and tragic. In turn Mandy and Jared are very much in tune with each other and their passions run high.

Break out the fan because Cherie Feather sure knows how to write some sexy love scenes. Her skills as a writer definitely show here and fans of romance will not be disappointed in the least. For a scintillating read that may leave you breathless, THE ART OF DESIRE is one not to be missed.

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