The Attraction Factor
By Alane
Apr 5, 2004 - 11:43:00 AM

When Julie Gates is asked to take on an extra client to help out another accountant, she has no idea what she's getting into.  Who would have guessed that M. Johnson, proprietor of The Bookmarc, would turn out to be her former teacher, Marc Johnson?  He wasn't just any teacher either!  He was Julie's favorite and she had a serious crush on him when she was in high school.  His hair may be a little shorter these days, but Julie would recognize that voice and those gorgeous blue eyes anywhere.  Maybe adding another client to her busy schedule right in the heart of tax season won't be as bad as she thought.

Marc Johnson can't believe he's supposed to trust his private financial records to his flighty former student.  In the first place, how can Julie Gates possibly be an accountant?  Secondly Marc is a little low on self-confidence, especially when it comes to his career and money.  He doesn't want Julie to think he's a failure and he's sure she won't be impressed when she sees his financial history.  Besides, there are things in Marc's history that he would prefer to keep hidden from Julie.


Julie is insulted when Marc asks for another accountant but with the busy tax season upon them, he has to accept that she'll be handling his taxes.  Her firm assures Marc that Julie is more than competent, always professional and uses the utmost discretion with her clients and their private information.  As he sees Julie in action, he begins to respect her both professionally and personally.  But there is something more to their relationship - an attraction factor that neither one can deny.  Will Julie's crush from a decade earlier bloom into an adult relationship?  Will Marc give himself a chance at happiness, even if it is with his accountant and former student?


Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, THE ATTRACTION FACTOR is a story of life and love and all the baggage that comes with a relationship in the 21st century.  Even with all of Julie's extra responsibilities, she manages to find time for the important things in her life, including Marc.  With Julie's influence, Marc learns to let go of the past and take chances.  I loved the quiz question at the start of each chapter!  What a great way to pull the story together.  It's fun to watch Marc and Julie try to figure out why they're so attracted to each other and decide what to do about it.

THE ATTRACTION FACTOR was originally published in June 2000 by Avid Press.

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