The Average Girl's Guide to Getting Laid
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 23, 2007 - 4:44:14 PM

Ellie Campbell can hardly remember the evening out with friends and a little too much alcohol results in an outlandish bet that she can write a 'sex book.' Never mind that she's a travel writer and her experience with sex is lackluster at best. She may have come up with the idea while she was drunk but her agent thinks it's a great idea and suggests that Ellie get out there and start researching. Three weeks later, she relocates to New York to begin her research, but how does a sexually challenged woman discover the fine points of getting laid?

Ellie is sitting at a deli wondering just how to go about researching how best to go about getting a guy to notice her. Who would have guessed that eating a giant dill pickle would be enough to attract the attention of the most delectable man she's ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Marius Asher hasn't had the best of luck with the women he's chosen to be with in the past. It's been months since he's slept with anyone and even that had been a 'booty call.' Ellie’s luscious form and watching her eat attracts him to her but it's the discovery that she's writing a book called THE AVERAGE GIRL'S GUIDE TO GETTING LAID sends off signals that finally he’s found a woman who isn't out for a wedding ring or long term commitment. Sex without strings - how perfect! Could it possibly turn out that Ellie could be the one woman he wants in his life permanently? She doesn't live in New York so what will happen when it's time for her to return to Illinois?

I originally picked up this book because of the title and quickly found myself immersed in the characters lives and wondering what they'd do next. There's no doubt that Ellie and Marius are very attracted to each other but they have issues that will take a lot of patience and understanding to resolve. I absolutely loved 'watching' Ellie evolve from a mousy professional woman to a self confident, sexual being with a better understanding of herself. Marius starts out thinking he's in for some no-commitment required sex but soon discovers he wants them to be an exclusive couple and Ellie's continuing research doesn't sit well. Add to that the reactions of their friends and family to the fact that they're an interracial couple and sparks fly. Annie Dean brings the characters to life in THE AVERAGE GIRL'S GUIDE TO GETTING LAID and leaves readers with a terrific feeling about life in general. Incidentally, while I was looking for more information about Ms. Dean, I stumbled upon her blog . . . couldn’t help but laugh out loud at her whit and rants. This is one author who I'll definitely be watching to see what she comes up with next.

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