The Baby Doctor's Desire

Author: Kate Hardy

Publisher: Harlequin Medical Romance

Release Date: April 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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Kieran Bailey is the new maternity consultant at London City General.  He's happy to be on board, and it's icing on the cake when he meets sexy Dr. Judith Powell.  He can tell the attraction is mutual, but she seems to become distant after he attends one of her singing fundraisers.  He intends to find out the reason, because his agenda includes asking her out on a date and getting to know her better.

Judith can't quell the heat she feels for the new team member, but she must because it's evident to her that he's already in a relationship.  She thinks he's involved with someone when he comes into work smelling of baby puke.  And, when he shows up to her fundraiser with another woman on his arm, she's disappointed.  Judith is also a bit angry, because she has seen Kieran's interest in her, but it's wrong to pursue a taken man.  Judith is in for a big surprise, and maybe even a happy ever after.


I grew to like both the hero and heroine.  They both showed charisma and a love for their job, and that made for an entertaining story.  I definitely enjoyed the medical setting.  It was cool learning about the doctor's side of pregnancy.  Author Kate Hardy did a wonderful job of implementing definitions of medical terms.  The story flowed smoothly and was moderately paced.  If you enjoy medical romances, then you'll want to check out THE BABY DOCTOR'S DESIRE by Kate Hardy, coming in April 2005. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: BJ Deese

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