The Bachelor’s Dare
By Tasha Lewis
Dec 3, 2003 - 1:10:00 PM

Claire has decided it is time to leave town.  She is going to change her life and move to California.  Since she is limited on cash the best way to do that seems to be entering a win a RV contest.  She figures she can stay on the RV the longest, win the contest and get out of town.  Claire didn’t figure on Mark Dole wanting the RV too.  Or what he was going to make her feel.  Things are heating up between them and between the 18 other guests on the RV.  What they need is a strategy.

Mark Dole has made lots of mistakes in his life.  He has decided it is time to grow up and get his life on track.  After making some mistakes that have affected others beside himself, he wants the RV to make good on some promises he has made.  Problem is now he is here and close to Claire, he isn’t so sure what to do or what he wants.  This whole RV contest isn’t looking as good as a future with Claire.  Can he change her mind about him, while they plot to get the other 18 guests off the RV?


This was a witty outrageous story from the first word until the last word.  I read it quickly in one sitting.  I felt the heat between Mark and Claire from the beginning not to mention the bodies that were jammed packed into the RV.  Close quarters can make people do strange things. 


This is a tale of two people trying to change and restart life after some mistakes.  You will find yourself caught up in their quest to improve their lives and themselves while they quickly start eliminating the competition.  Shirley Jump has outdone herself with this sexy romantic tale.

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