A Bad Boys and Wallflowers novella - The Bad Boy Billonaire's Wicked Arrangement

Author: Maya Rodale

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: December 31, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: EBOOK

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For twelve years, Jane Sparks dated Sam. Everyone thought they would get married, including Jane. But instead of proposing, he dumped her. Declaring that she was going to write a novel, she moved to New York and went to work as a librarian’s assistant at the public library. However, the pages of her novel remained blank. She has received an invitation to her high school reunion and she is determined to get a date for the event. She is tired of being considered Miss Prim and Proper with her sweater sets. But one night she meets entrepreneur Duke and things quickly turn heated. When her best friend announces on Facebook that Jane and Duke are engaged, Jane is desperate to correct the mistake. But Duke finds this may be the answer to his dilemma.

Tech entrepreneur Duke Austen has had two major projects, which started out successful before he managed to mess things up scandalously. Although the projects made him billions, he has gone through much of the money. He figures his latest venture is his last chance to prove himself, but he needs investors and with his wild playboy reputation, no one is willing to give him money for his project. To prove that he is settling down and to convince the potential investors to invest, he persuades the proper librarian to continue the charade. In return, he promises to escort her to the reunion.

The faux engagement has another benefit. It sparks Jane’s imagination and the pages of her historical romance, based on her relationship with Duke, quickly fill up and Jane longs to have it published by the date of her reunion.

As Duke and Jane spend time together and exchange confidences, the closeness grows. Will Jane’s faux engagement to her billionaire bad boy become real, or will she lose him once he obtains his investors?

A sexy novella, THE BAD BOY BILLIONAIRE’S WICKED ARRANGEMENT, the first in author Maya Rodale’s BAD BOYS AND WALLFLOWERS series, revolves around a good girl who writes titillating historical romances and her billionaire bad boy. Jane and Duke are complete opposites, yet the chemistry between them is undeniable. But will their different outlooks on life lead them in different directions as far as their ruse is concerned?

Known for her smart and sassy romances, Ms. Rodale does not disappoint. Filled with humor, scorching sensuality, social networks, a faux engagement, interesting characters, love and romance, this story will soon sweep you up into the lives of her characters. The only problem is waiting for the next addition to this series. The second installment, THE BAD BOY BILLIONAIRE’S GIRL GONE WILD, due to release in February 2014, continues the romance between Duke and Jane. To read the historical version of their romance in Jane’s novel, be sure to pick up a copy of WALLFLOWER GONE WILD, the second book in this fun series, due out at the end of March 2014. This captivating twist of contemporary and historical is an imaginative change for Ms. Rodale, who is known for her historical romances.  As a fan of her previous novels, I was delighted by this series. Anyone looking for a great story with plenty of heat, humor and engaging characters should check this out! I recommend it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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