The Bad Son
By Leigh O
Nov 5, 2006 - 7:42:00 AM


Beau McCain is the dependable brother; the lawyer, the one that holds the family together, the man everyone turns to for help.  He has spent the past years trying to rebuild the family his abusive father tore apart. His mother and siblings have reunited, two of his brothers have married, and now he’s working on his own future.   He’s been in love with his friend and neighbor, Macy, for years.  A job offer from a prestigious law firm prompts him to make a decision; if Macy is unwilling to take their relationship further, he’s making a clean break and moving to Dallas.

When Beau tells Macy he wants a life with her, she turns him away. Macy has feelings for Beau, but the pain of her failed marriage keeps her from acting on them.  She is lost without Beau in her life, but fears that if he knew the reason her marriage broke up, he wouldn’t want her anymore. 


Macy’s unstable sister Delia blows into town, and promptly gives birth a month early, to a little girl with probable health problems.  Delia disappears from the hospital without her newborn daughter, and Macy pleas with Beau to help her gain custody of the baby. He agrees to help, and the baby draws the two closer. The secrets from Macy’s past come back to haunt her, and she must decide whether to open her heart and move forward, or risk losing the future she’s always wanted.


THE BAD SON is the fourth book in Linda Warren’s McCain family series, and readers will love seeing Beau finally win Macy over. This is an emotionally charged read, and will have you reaching for tissues throughout.  I look forward to the rest of the series.

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