The Ballerina & The Fighter - Book 1
By Chris Mead
Nov 22, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Maze is a mixed martial artist who is out for his morning jog when he runs into Ivy and her friend Shelly on the beach.  Maze is immediately attracted to Ivy who is practicing her ballerina moves.  He approaches the two girls and offers to take their pictures.  He is mesmerized by Ivy as he photographs her doing the firebird pose.

Ivy thinks that Maze is “hawt” and she makes plans to meet him later that evening at the skate park. The two hit it off with one another and sparks fly between them. But they only have a couple of weeks in which to spend together because Ivy will be attending a professional ballet school, and Maze has plans to go to Japan to study with the masters.  Can these two carry on a long distance relationship and make it work?

Ivy is an adorable character who is easy to like.  I admire her strength and ambition to succeed as a ballerina.  I found the romance between Ivy and Maze to be tender and sweet.  I definitely wanted them to succeed as a couple.

I fell in love with Maze.  He is a fighter who has never lost a bout in the ring, yet he is gentle and loving with Ivy.  He will, however, do anything necessary to protect her from harm and danger.

THE BALLERINA & THE FIGHTER will capture your heart and hold you captivated as you read along.  Ursula Sinclair has written a gentle and warm love story with characters that are interesting and a plot that is at times mysterious and dangerous.  Since this is book one, I will be eagerly waiting to read book two.  Brighten up your day with a copy of your own!

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