The Bay at Midnight
By Brooke Wills
Mar 1, 2005 - 4:58:00 AM

The beach house had been in her family for generations and every summer she and her family would go to there to vacation.  But the summer Julie was twelve, everything irrevocably changed.  Her big sister, Isabelle, was murdered.  And she knows that she played a part in the death of her beautiful, vibrant sibling.

Now, over forty years later, Julie is faced with the discovery of a letter that seems to shed new light on the case.  She must confront her past, as painful as it is, and by doing so, she finds out so much about herself.  Enough that she is even able to fall in love again.  But, the secrets that are revealed are shocking and could destroy so many people.


THE BAY AT MIDNIGHT is a fantastic book.  Diane Chamberlain has written an intricately woven story in several of the characters' points of view, both in modern day and in 1962.  It sounds complicated, but Ms. Chamberlain is such a masterful storyteller, there is never any doubt as to what is happening.  This beautifully written story is so romantic, so poignant, and so satisfying you can't help but continue to think about it long after you've finished reading it.  THE BAY AT MIDNIGHT is definitely a book not to be missed.

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