The Beach Alibi

Author: Alison Kent

Publisher: Kensington Brava

Release Date: January 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Kelly John Beach cannot believe he made such a huge mistake. Unfortunately, he missed seeing the camera hidden in the office that he was breaking into at Marian Diamonds, a business rumored to be working with Spectra IT. Now he needs an alibi, and as Tripp Shaughnessey suggests, the best alibi is a woman. Emma Webster is not what he expected and he soon realizes that pretending to be interested in her is not going to be a problem, but rather becoming too interested. Emma is the kind of woman who can get under his skin and into his heart. In his line of work, he can’t allow that kind of weakness to interfere with his number one priority: his job as an SG-5 agent.

Emma Webster, assistant to Hank Smithson, is known for keeping her mouth shut. So much so that she’d spent time in jail for refusing to divulge a source when she was an investigative reporter. Now Hank is asking her, almost begging her, to pose as Kelly John Beach’s lover as the agent needs an alibi, and needs it quick. As Kelly John has been the focus of many of Emma’s fantasies and Hank has been a wonderful employer who wouldn’t ask such a thing unless it was desperately needed, she quickly agrees. Kelly John in person is even hotter than her fantasies and she can’t get enough of him. Playing Mata Hari, however, can become dangerous to one’s health if one is not careful.

THE BEACH ALIBI is another great entry into Alison Kent’s Smithson Group series. Emma is a great heroine and I love how she goes after what she wants, in this case, Kelly John. Kelly John is another of Alison’s great alpha heroes and as the previous SG-5 agents, he has his own demons to face from his past. The chemistry between these two is blistering and I can only say that you’d better have some ice on hand when you read about these two. I also enjoyed seeing previous characters, including Hank Smithson. Most of the novella deals with Emma and Kelly John handling their incredible attraction, but the action certainly heats up towards the end. THE BEACH ALIBI is another winner for Alison Kent and I can’t wait to read the next book, THE MACKENZIE ARTIFACT!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nicole

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