The Beauty Of Surrender
By CinLee
Dec 20, 2009 - 11:21:41 AM

Ava Gregory is tired of defending her desires and trying to live up to everyone’s expectations of her. She wanted to be a photographer; her family disapproved. Ava told her boyfriend that she wanted to be tied; he abused her and told her she was sick. Finally she made her way to a BDSM club and during a lecture met Marina Marchant. Marina took her on and played her, but it isn’t enough to bring Ava what she truly deserves. Ava is waiting to be introduced to a male dom, who hopefully can bring Ava what she needs.

Unable to overcome his past and open his heart, Desmond Hale spends his time at the Pinnacle club, playing with different subs. He had opened up a number of years prior and found a woman, but she walked out on him, confirming his belief that he doesn’t deserve love. Yet when his old friend Marina asks him to help Ava, he can’t say no, even after his breath is stolen away during their initial meeting. Can he finally open his heart and give it to Ava?


SERVING THE MASTER is an exquisite story of a woman finding freedom within the ropes of Shibari and a man opening his heart so she could steal it away. Ms. Bradley writes with such emotion that the characters radiate on the page.



Soothing The Beast


Even though it has been four years since she lost her sub to cancer, Marina Marchant refuses to risk her heart or even be with a man in any way other than friendship. When she plays in the scene, it is always with a woman and non-sexual. Most of her time is spent on giving lectures on Shibari, the art of rope bondage. During one of those lectures a man, who stands out among her usual pupils,  captures her attention.


James Cortez is not truly into the BDSM scene. He needs Marina and the Shibari ropes for something else entirely. James used to be a reporter, covering war-torn and tragic countries until a horrendous event changed him. Tortured by his memories and experiences, James finds that traditional therapy and even hypnosis will not calm his mind. Having heard about the meditative properties of sub-space, he comes to Marina for help.


SOOTHING THE BEAST is an incredible story. Ms. Bradley’s skilled hand brings every emotion to vivid life while the reader watches Marina struggle with having feelings for a man and James trying to calm his mind. You can’t miss Ms. Bradley’s stunning work.

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