The Beauty of Surrender: An Erotic Romance
By Natalie
Jan 15, 2010 - 10:27:38 AM



Ava Gregory yearns to submit to a dominant Master.  The tighter she is bound, the higher her pleasure.  Going to the club Pinnacle, Ava looks for someone to take her in hand, and when her Mistress is unable to bring her to the heights of ecstasy she needs, Ava is disheartened.  Her Mistress, however, has another plan, and that plan is Master Desmond Hale.  Desmond thrives on the control he wields, and with one look he finds Ava to be the epitome of everything he desires.  When the ropes are loosened, Desmond and Ava find themselves wanting more than just a simple D/s sexual relationship – with one problem.  Demons in each of their pasts come to haunt them, and unless they can be exorcised, forever is not something Desmond and Ava will have.

Desmond is the embodiment of a powerful and controlled Master.  He is dominant to the bone and very much aware of the power he has over his submissive.  His past, however, haunts him, and because of this, Desmond has a difficult time with allowing himself to trust.  I knew this when reading and worried and agonized over his inability to commit – I should have trusted Ava.  Her almost innocent aura surrounded Desmond with love and silenced his demons.  The end result is a relationship that both needed and where each cherished the other.  SERVING THE MASTER is excellent!




Widowed art dealer Marina Marchant is a Shibari rope master and a Domme.  She gives seminars on rope bondage and at one such workshop, she meets James Cortez.  James is a journalist who has seen death more times than he can count.  His job is dangerous and deadly, and all he wants is to be able to achieve the ultimate in satisfaction in order to find release.  He wants someone to control him so that he can shut out the pictures in his mind of destruction.  Marina, still grieving the loss of her lover Nathan four years ago agrees but hesitantly.  No sex is one rule she gives James, but James is quite stubborn.  With Marina’s touch his head goes quiet and he knows that in order for Marina to become his, she has to let go of her past and the fear that controls her.  This won’t be easy, but James has one thing on his side – his love for Marina.


James Cortez is heady and sexy and he scares Marina to death.  He represents forever, but because of the death of her partner, Marina is scared to love anyone.  James, however, doesn’t take no for an answer and the results are glorious.  Their love scenes are passionate, and while Marina is the Domme in this relationship, the love they share for the other is equally divided and very precious to see. SOOTHING THE BEAST is a great title for this titillating novella – both Marina and James needed soothing, and that is exactly what happens.


THE BEAUTY OF SURRENDER is not just an erotic novel.  It is a beautiful look at how love can tame even the most hardened of hearts.  All four characters in these two novellas had tragedies they needed to overcome – the words of this powerful novel will curl your toes and make you blush.  The stories, however, will make you remember ever single word.  Eden Bradley just delivers with THE BEAUTY OF SURRENDER.  It was quite simply, a beautiful book to read.



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