The Best Man
By Sarah W
Mar 1, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Faith Holland spent her high school and college years in love with Jeremy Lyon, the golden boy of her hometown, Manningsport. They were the ideal couple and it seemed like nothing could break them apart. Unfortunately, on their wedding day, Jeremy jilted Faith at the altar with the news that he was gay. Three and a half years later, Faith is back home. She has a break in her schedule as a landscape designer and is happy to help her family with the grape harvest at their winery. She knows she has to talk to Jeremy again but she will do whatever she can to avoid it, even climbing out of a small bathroom window and getting stuck.

Manningsport Police Chief Levi Cooper has seen Faith in enough scrapes throughout the years to not be totally surprised that he has to rescue her from a window. Faith and Levi, despite having Jeremy in common, have never been the closest of friends. That is about to change as Faith realizes that Levi may just be the port in the storm she has been searching for. But can Levi overcome his past enough to let his true feelings for Faith show? Will Faith find forgiveness in her heart for Jeremy? Join author Kristan Higgins for another snappy and sassy contemporary romance in THE BEST MAN.

Kristan Higgins’ books present few surprises. There are always quirky characters, a charming small town, and great chemistry between the two protagonists. This is a formula that works and works well in fact as I enjoyed this story immensely. Faith is a smart woman in most areas of her life (unfortunately that does not include her love life!). I really enjoyed learning about her job as a landscape designer and seeing a property on her family’s land come to life under her expertise. Kristan Higgins gives readers just enough details to build the image of a beautiful barn setting and then lets us envision the rest. I also related to Faith’s rocky relationship with her older sister, Honor. There is a lot of unspoken tension between them and it is explored with a fine touch. Of course, the true star of the story is the romance that develops between Levi and Faith. It is top-notch. I really liked getting to know Levi (after all, who can’t appreciate a man who bakes cookies?). Levi is not perfect, however, and they both do some bone-headed things throughout the course of the story. But somehow, it all comes together in a beautiful denouement that is the feathered cap on this lovely romance.

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