The Bewildering Bequest
By Teresa Henson
Oct 28, 2003 - 9:36:00 PM

The heavy blinding rain is making Jason Stavros late to Miss Eulalie Bidwell’s funeral. The elderly woman had become one of his best friends after his bitter divorce. He at least wants to be there to pay his last respects. Fate does not seem to be on his side, or is it?

Spotting an elderly man trying to change a flat tire in the rain, Jason stops to help; he has a soft spot for the elderly. Although he tries to refuse payment, the man presses an old gold coin in his hand and tells him to keep it as a lucky charm. Almost before he knows what is happening, the old couple is gone, and he is standing in the rain dazed, looking at the coin.


Merrill Prescott is Eulalie’s lawyer and friend. She is both dreading and looking forward to what is about to happen. She is expecting Eulalie’s money-grubbing niece and nephew for the will reading at any time, Jason is expected also. Irritated that he didn’t bother showing up for the funeral service, she decides he must be just after the money too, like Eulalie’s relatives.


When Jason shows up, wet and muddy from changing the tire, she is startled to realize the impact he has on her senses. How can he look so breathtakingly handsome? And Merrill...Jason finds it hard to believe that someone who looks as beautiful and sexy, as her is really a lawyer.


Miss Eulalie riles her niece, Belle, and her nephew, J.D., when she leaves them a pittance, and leaves the bulk of her estate, 75 million dollars, to her dog, Psyche’s Folly. She makes Jason and Merrill guardians, with the condition that they live together on her estate with the dog. Belle and J.D. are furious and threaten to go to court to break the will.


Jason already lives in the guesthouse with his dog, Buster, since he’s been doing restoration on the main house. It is up to Merrill to move out to the estate to live now. Can they manage to live together platonically?


The Gods are interfering in Jason and Merrill’s lives. Venus and her son, Cupid, along with Miss Eulalie, have decided, that they were meant for each other. They come up with hilarious plans to bring them together. A wrench is thrown into the works when Jupiter decrees, to the Gods that there is to be no more meddling in mortal affairs. But Jupiter has an ulterior motive. When Venus and Cupid find out about it, they go ahead with their plans and things go awry. Jupiter doesn’t understand what he is doing wrong.


After Merrill and Jason meet, they are both plagued with extremely hot and sexy dreams about each other at night. Dreams of the sort they have never had before! They are, also, unexplainably drawn toward each other during the day. Even the dogs seem determined, somehow, that they should be together. Besides, how can they battle against the spells of Venus, the goddess of Love, and Cupid?


I found THE BEWILDERING BEQUEST to be such a fun and humorous book! I laughed till I cried over the antics of the Gods, and poor Merrill and Jason, who had no choice at all in the matter. Luckily, they were perfect for each other—they just needed that little push to recognize it. I loved how the story ended, and the way they got there was clever and not the way I would have thought. If you are looking for a fun, romantic, and hilarious story, Ms. Jeffries has penned just the one for you. I will be reading this one over and over throughout the years. A great addition to my library!

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