The Big 4-Oh!
By Lorelei Mattison
Jun 15, 2008 - 5:53:24 AM

Abigail is about to turn forty, and it is not something that she is looking forward to. Always one to be adventurous in the bedroom, she decides to shake things up a bit for her birthday and try something new. Lucky for her, her husband is just as willing to give a new possibility a go. Her fortieth birthday might very well turn into one she will want to remember, and never forget.

Dave loves his wife. He loves how beautiful, sexy and adventurous she is, in the bedroom and out. He has a fabulous idea for her fortieth birthday, something they have never experienced before. He hopes she will be up for the challenge, because he fully intends to make her big forty a whopping 4-OH! What naughty things does Dave have cooked up? Will Abigail love what he has to offer?



        THE BIG 4-OH is a scintillating short story by Beth Wylde that is long on steam. Abigail and Dave branch out and find that their already exciting love life can always use a little more adventure, times four! I loved the steamy love scenes and the fast pace kept me hooked from start to finish. For a fun, quick read that really delivers, sink into THE BIG 4-OH!


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