The Big Love
By Sherri Myers
Aug 9, 2004 - 11:41:00 PM

Alison Hopkins is happily living with her boyfriend in an apartment in Philadelphia. She writes a column for The Philadelphia Times and life is good. Until the night she sends Tom out for mustard for her dinner party. When he calls home, Tom informs Alison he won't be coming back home-ever. He has refallen in love with his college sweetheart Kate Pearce, who many men described as "like a drug". So where is Alison supposed to go from here?

Deciding to enjoy her newfound freedom, Alison sets off in search of a new man and soon finds one in the form of her sexy, just-hired boss at the newspaper. With the understanding it's not a relationship, they experience a short fling and then go their merry ways. Alison continues her search for THE BIG LOVE-but will she ever find it? When Tom calls back begging to come home three weeks later, will Alison take him back? Is he her big love after all?

Sarah Dunn's debut novel is written in first person and tells the story of a thirty-two year old woman who just got dumped by her live-in lover and is now in search of THE BIG LOVE of her life, which she had thought she had already found. This is a novel which could be classified as "chick-lit", and is witty, funny, and thought-provoking. If you enjoy reading romances that fall into the chick-lit category, this one might be of interest to you.

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