The Biggest Kahuna
By Angel
Jul 10, 2006 - 7:58:00 PM

Nikkie left her cheating husband and came to Maui to start a whole new life.  Of course she was warned to stay away from the man known as the “Shark”.  When Nikkie meets him, she knows why he has that nickname and soon she becomes involved with him.  There is something different about him that she just can’t place, but what could it be?  Will his secret change the way she feels for him?

Kal is king of the beach; he’s also rich and other people see him as eccentric.  The one thing he wants he can’t have and that’s someone to spend the rest of his life with.  When he meets Nikkie, he knows that he wants her, but must take things slowly so he doesn’t scare her away.  In the end he knows that if she really wants to be with him, she will have to make a life or death decision.  Will she be strong enough to choose the right path?


THE BIGGEST KAHUNA is an unusual book with an interesting plot that will take readers on a journey they won’t soon forget.  Nikkie is getting over a bad relationship, but her attitude to get over it and move on will have you cheering for her.  Kal just wants someone to love and this endearing trait will have you hoping for the ultimate happy ending.  The love scenes are steamy with plenty of erotic sensuality to keep you fanning.  Ciar Cullen has done an excellent job of bringing together fantasy and drama in a tale that is sure to go on the keeper shelf.

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