The Biker &The Bride: Afternoon Delights Anthology Vol. 1

Author: Lauren Agony & Jan Springer

Publisher: Liquid Silver books

Release Date: no longer available

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Lacey Ann smith, who is about to say "I Do" at her wedding to Donald, is kidnapped. A biker swoops into the church on his motorcycle and snatches her away. Whisking her off to a remote cabin that holds many painful but precious memories for her and her kidnapper - who just so happens to be her ex-husband, Joe Daniels. Lacey is not at all pleased about him ruining her plans  for revenge against Donald, a drug dealer who was responsible for their son's death.

Joe Daniels, a policeman and Lacey's ex-husband is  determined that she will remember the love they shared, and to help her let go of the past before it destroys her. He takes her to the cabin where they had their honeymoon years ago. He wants her back once and for all. One way or another he would keep her safe from Donald and re-awaken their love that she had thrown away after their son's death. They had been divorced  now for two years. Even if she walked away from him afterwards, he is determined that she needs to let go of the pain and move on with her life- with or without him. Seducing her into remembering their love- that amazing chemistry they had always shared and getting past her pain and the need for revenge is a tough job, but a man's got to do what a man's got to do!


Will Lacey let go of her plans for revenge? Will Joe convince her they belong together? Or will the memories be too painful and destroy their love again? Will Donald allow his bride to be stolen without retribution?

A short story that is fast paced  and crammed pack full of emotion. It will pull you into the story from  the first  paragraph and have you turning pages quickly until the very end. I loved Joe; every woman's idea of the ideal man; sensitive, yet very manly and determined to win his love back. Lacey is a very strong woman determined to extract revenge, no matter the cost to her emotionally. You will feel her pain and all mothers will understand her need to destroy the man who had
completely shattered her life. 

I thoroughly enjoyed THE BIKER & THE BRIDE. It answered all your questions and did not leave you hanging, or feeling you needed more, as some short have a tendency to do. You will ache with the characters pain and you will rejoice when they find their way back to  each other. A brilliantly written story for when you want to escape into a great romantic story. A true love story  that endures the worst any family must face and still survive- stronger, better, more.

JAN SPRINGER & LAUREN AGONY have penned an enjoyable and delightful romance that will have me looking forward to more of their work. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sandra Tibbetts

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